Tracking Tech Locations

Adam Graetz
Adam Graetz
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ServiceTrade makes it easy to manage and track where your team is and what is happening in the field. This article outlines how Technician locations are monitored in ServiceTrade.

  • The ServiceTrade Dashboard shows recent Tech clock events and a map of their GPS locations at the time of the most recent clock-in.  
  • The ServiceTrade Dispatch Board shows Appointments for the day, as well as Clock Events as they unfold, offering insight into openings and other opportunities to make the most of each person's workday. Jobs that do not have Appointments will still appear on the Dispatch Board, once a Technician clocks into that job.



Why can't I see techs in true real-time, using the phone's GPS?

  • Continuous GPS monitoring is not practical via a phone for battery life, heat, and other concerns.
  • We would generally recommend a truck-based GPS solution for this.

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