Merging Companies and Locations

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From time to time, you may find that you have a duplicate Company or Location and need to merge them. The process of merging these two types of data is shown below.

IMPORTANT: Please note, once a merge has been completed it CAN NOT be undone.


  • To merge Companies, you must have a user role that allows Edit Companies and Delete Companies.
  • To merge Locations, you must have a user role that allows Edit Locations and Delete Locations.
  • If you are missing these permissions, the Merge button will not show for you.

Merging Companies and Locations

In this example, we merge two Companies. The procedure is identical for Locations, except that you would start on a Location page rather than a Company page.

  1. Go to the Company page for either of the Companies you wish to merge together.
  2. Click Merge Company. If you do not see this button, see the Prerequisites.
  3.  In the Merge From box, start typing a few characters from the Company you wish to merge data from.
  4. Click Confirm and Merge. The Companies are now merged.
    Note: This merge is non-destructive.  All data from both Companies are now on the one Company. The old (merge from) Company is deleted.


Can I merge Jobs?

Only Companies and Locations may be merged at this time.


I receive a "Cannot merge two shared Locations" error when attempting a merge. 

  • Companies and Locations shared from contractors or to subcontractors are special because some of the changes that you make to shared records will affect the copies that exist in other accounts.
  • Merging two Companies (or Locations) that are both shared with other Companies is not possible, as this could potentially cause data from unrelated contractors to see each others' information regarding those records, along with other data problems as well.
  • Merging a non-shared Company or Location into a shared one is possible. If only one of the entities is shared from another account, try reversing the "Merge From" and "Merge Into" Locations and attempt the merge again.

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