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Adam Graetz
Adam Graetz
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The ServiceTrade Dashboard is your home screen and the first page you see after you log in. This article will walk you through the various parts of the Dashboard so that you can familiarize yourself with its features. 


  1. Navigation Bar (Nav Bar) - The group of buttons at the top of ServiceTrade that allows you to navigate throughout the Web App. 

  2. Sub-Navigation Bar (Sub-Nav Bar) - Located directly underneath the Nav Bar, this provides specific sub-categories related to the options listed on the Nav Bar.

  3. Profile Picture - Your Profile Picture is located on the far right-hand side of the Nav Bar. Clicking on your Profile Picture allows you to edit your Profile, Manage Account Settings, and sign out of ServiceTrade.

  4. Dashboard Filter - Provides options for filtering the Dashboard by Offices, Job Types, Service Lines, or Job Owner.

  5. Daily Schedule - Displays Jobs scheduled by day according to selected filter settings.

  6. Actionable Job Lists - Displays lists of Jobs that require the action of users. Job lists may include:
    • Overdue Jobs without Appointments
    • Jobs Without Appointments Due in Next 2 Weeks
    • Past Jobs to be Marked Complete - These are Jobs with an Appointment date that is in the past, that also haven't been marked complete.
      • The Green Checkmark under the "All Work Done?" column indicates how many services have been marked complete on the corresponding job. 
    • Completed Jobs to be Invoiced
      Note: If no Jobs match the criteria of one of these groups, that group will not be displayed. For example, if all Jobs in your account, due within the next two weeks, already have appointments on them, then the "Jobs Without Appointments Due in the Next 2 Weeks" will not be displayed.

  7. Current Tech Locations - Map display of Tech Locations. Location determined by Job Location on which Technician is clocked in.

  8. Recent Clock Events - List of clock events from most to least recent. Can also be changed to only display clock events that are currently active.


Can I Print the Daily Schedule?

No. However, a Print button on the Daily Schedule will print the paperwork for all Jobs with appointments for the selected day (including each job's cover page.)


Am I able to change the sections on the Dashboard, or add a new section?

Not at this time. We plan to make the Dashboard customizable in the future.


One of my sections went away! How do I bring it back?

  • We only show sections if there is anything to show.
  • Jobs Without Appointments Due in the Next 2 Weeks, for example, won't show if you have created appointments for all of the upcoming Jobs.


Why is there a lock on a Job?

Someone else in your Company is trying to edit it.  Wait a few moments a try again.


I don't see a Job that should be on the Dashboard.

  • Check the far right button on the black bar above the "Current Tech Locations" map.  Try flipping to a different office or "all offices". 
  • Your Job may not be scheduled, or may not belong to one of the categories that we list on the Dashboard.  You may click the "Jobs" button in the top bar to see all Jobs, or to search for a Job based on any parameters you choose. 

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