Invoice Status Definitions

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ServiceTrade Invoices can have many statuses. Some may be manually set by a user, while others are set after an event. This reference guide below covers all possible statuses and their causes.

Note: You can set the default status for all newly created invoices by office users in your Account Preference. Follow the instructions below to set your default invoice status.

  1. On the Nav Bar, click the Profile Avatar Icon.
  2. Click Account Settings.
  3. Click to open the Account Preferences accordion.
  4. Select your default invoice status from the drop-down menu.
  5. Click Save.

Invoice Status Definitions

Please note that the parameters about how you can change these statuses are referring to what you can edit via the ServiceTrade Office App. If you are using API to make Invoice Status changes please see the following documentation:


Invoice Status Definition
OK *Automatic or Manual. This status means "OK to send to accounting system", or "OK to email to customer." This is the initial status of the invoice, set when it is first saved if created by the office.  If an invoice is created in the field via the Tablet Work Authorization, it will go into "Needs Review" status.
Draft *Automatic or Manual. Any invoice that is still being drafted. This typically means the invoice is not ready to send to the customer.
Needs Review

*Automatic or Manual. Any invoice that was created in the field goes into this status, as the office may wish to double-check these before sending them to accounting.

Ready If an invoice was in Needs Review, and is then Approved, it goes to Ready. The word Ready only appears on the invoice itself.
"Ready" is the same as "OK". You will not see Ready in the options when searching the invoice list. Use OK when searching for invoices that are OK to send to accounting, or OK to email to a customer. 
Processed *Automatic. This status is set after an invoice is successfully transmitted to external accounting software via one of our built-in integrations (QuickBooks, Intacct). 

*Automatic. This status is set when an invoice is sent to external accounting software and fails. This status will always be accompanied by a comment which explains the reason for failure. Even if the status is not clear - the first step to resolving an invoice is to 1. Click Edit. 2. Save the invoice again. 3. Attempt to submit again. If the invoice continues to fail, contact ServiceTrade Support by opening a ticket.

Sent *Manual. This status is used to indicate that an invoice has been provided to the customer.
Paid *Automatic or Manual. May be set manually. Is set automatically if an Invoice Link is used to fully pay (the total of all payments on the invoice is equal to the total amount of the invoice), then the payment amount is shown in green with a green checkmark, and a green Paid badge is added to the invoice.
Void This status is used for invoices to ignore. Consider adding a comment also for clarity. *voiding an invoice cannot be undone.
Pending Accounting System *Automatic. The invoice has been transmitted to external accounting software but has not yet been processed. Server load or server settings (on the part of external accounting) is the reason for this status. Checking back later is the best bet.  If you have an invoice stuck in "Pending Accounting", please see this article for next steps.

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