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This article walks Admin Users through setting up new User Accounts and managing those accounts in ServiceTrade.


  • An Admin User account is required to create other User accounts or to edit User information.
  • An Admin User account must create New Users.  There is no way for Users to sign up themselves under your account (by design).
  • Understanding Activities, Roles, and User Types.

Creating New Users

  1. Click on the My Account tab in the Navigation Menu.
  2. Click on Users to get to the User Management page.
  3. Click Create User in the top left of the window.
  4. Enter a unique Username.
    • Important Note: We highly recommend usernames should be your user's work email address.
  5. Next, fill in at least all required fields marked with a red asterisk.
    • Note: If you are using Service Reviews, the Technician email must match their email in NearbyNow.
  6. Select whether or not the User Type is a Salesperson, Helper, or Technician.

    • Salesperson - This User will not count towards your overall subscription license total when selected. A default Role is not assigned to the User. This User Type, allows you to assign this User to quotes, contracts, and track the Salesperson.

    • Technician - This User will not count toward your overall subscription license total when selected. The default Role assigned will be "Account Placeholder Tech" unless you have created a custom Tech Role.
      This role will not give you full access to the mobile app. You will need to add an additional Account Tech role with 'Mobile App Access' and 'Perform a Job as a Tech' activity. This action will count towards your overall license subscription total.

    • Helper - This User will count towards your overall subscription license total when selected. The default Role will be "Account Tech Helper." A Helper can only have the Role "Account Tech Helper." What is a Helper License?
      Note: You can combine User types. However, you cannot combine a Helper and Technician User Type.

  7. If a User is a Technician or Helper, you will need to select any relevant Service Lines, which correspond to their ability to complete a Job for a given trade.
  8. Click Save.


Assigning Standard Roles to the User

Roles control what the User can do. A pre-set amount of default Roles are available and can be selected for a User.

Select the Role or combination of Roles that best fits the User you've created.

If you need Activities that vary from the standard Roles, you may wish to create and assign Custom Roles.


Adding a User Profile Photo

We recommend adding professional and identifiable photos of your Techs for use on the Dispatch Board and communication messages to your Customers (via En-route notifications and Service Links.) 


Configuring User Notification Settings

Clicking the Notifications accordion opens a Notifications Settings Menu that allows you to control what notifications the User will receive. These notifications will be sent to the User's email address.

More details on managing notifications are available in this article.



Technician-Specific Labor Items and Costs

Clicking the Labor Costs accordion opens a Labor Costs Menu that allows you to set Tech-specific Hourly Cost for Labor Items.

The Labor Costs Menu will list every Item with the "Labor" Item Type in your Item List.

Enter the Hourly Cost for each Labor Item here:


Note: When Labor Items are added to a Job, Invoice or Quote with this Technician as the source, the cost for the item you specify here will be applied to that Item.

Labor Items that do not have a specified cost for this Technician will get that item's default cost instead.



Repeat these steps for each Office or Tech User in your company.

More info on User creation is included in our User Management FAQ below.

Note: Users are not notified that you have created an account for them.  You will need to do so using whichever method you desire. 


Adding User Details to Users

User details are visible to your customers on Job Paperwork and should be used for external information you want your customers to know about your Tech.

This is an optional field.

  1. Click on the desired User.
  2. Click on the "Edit User" button.
  3. Enter the desired information in the "User Details" Section.

Changing User Passwords

For security reasons, no one, not even ServiceTrade Support, may view User passwords. However, if you have the admin Users Role, you can change User passwords on their behalf.

To change a User's password:

  1. Hover over My Account.
  2. Click Users.
  3. Click on the name of the User you wish to edit
  4. Click the blue Change Password button on the right of the screen.

You may have them enter the desired password if they are present, enter it on their behalf, or enter a temporary password.

Users may reset their passwords at


Which Users count towards my subscription license total?

Technician and Helper Users that count towards your subscription license total are defined in the Master Subscription Agreement as follows:

“Technician Users” means individuals authorized by You to use the Services, who have been
supplied User identifications and passwords by You (or by Us at Your request), who can be
assigned to deliver Jobs, and who are eligible to use the mobile application to review and report
Job-status information. Technician Users may include but are not limited to Your employees,
consultants, contractors and agents, and third parties with which You transact business."


To view your Users that count towards your Technician and Helper subscription license total, Navigate to the Users Page in ServiceTrade.

A User is given the Paid License Status check mark when assigned a Role with the Activity "Mobile App Access" granted.

The “Mobile App Access” activity must be granted to a User to access both the Mobile App and Tablet Web View.

Note: Users with a Paid License Status with a checkmark indicate that the User will count towards your overall subscription license total.


  • A User with a User Type "Technician" and a Paid Status Checkmark will count towards your overall Technician subscription license total.
  • A User with a User Type "Helper" and a Paid Status Checkmark will count towards your overall Helper subscription license total.



To export a list of your Technician Users:

      1. Navigate to your User List
      2. Click on the "Export to Spreadsheet" option on the top right.
      3. In the export, you'll find a column called "is_Tech" that indicates which Users are Technicians.

What is a Placeholder Technician?

Placeholder Technician Users can be used for various purposes such as scheduling equipment on Jobs, tracking office-user assignments to appointments, or tracking additional appointment statuses. It is not a User Type, but it can be established by applying the Role "Account Placeholder Tech."

To create a Placeholder Technician User, you must assign the Role "Account Placeholder Tech" to a User's account. This user will not count towards your overall paid subscription license total unless the "Mobile App Access" activity is also granted to that Users account.

How do I change a Username? 

  • There is currently no way to do this from within your account.  
  • Open a support ticket by emailing, letting us know the old Username and the desired new Username, and we will do our best to accommodate.
  • It is NOT recommended to change Usernames when replacing personnel.
    • When deactivating a User, you may transfer their assigned Jobs and services to someone else. Contact support to move over assigned quotes.
    • We recommend that User accounts be kept isolated and not shared, even during staff transitions.

How do I change a Tech's office?

  1. Go to My Account Tab
  2. Click on Users.
  3. Click on the Tech you wish to change.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Change their Default Office.
  6. Save.

ServiceTrade won't let me have the Username that I want.  It says "Username is unavailable" but I don't have anyone in my account with that Username. 

  • Usernames must be unique across ServiceTrade, not just your account. 
  • Similar to a service like Gmail, if you desire a simple Username such as jsmith, it is likely taken, where mycompany.jsmith or (email address as a Username) is almost certainly available.  
  • Try another Username.

What is a good practice/schema for Usernames?  

We recommend using your work email as your Username.

One of my Users got locked out from too many failed login attempts. How do I unlock them?

What password guidelines do you recommend?

Strong passwords and password rotation business rules you enforce internally are the best front-line defense for most forms of data leakage.

Can I log into ServiceTrade with my Google or another username/password?

We don't support OAuth or other single-sign-on (SSO) systems at this time.

Can I use my Active Directory credentials to log into ServiceTrade?

We don't natively integrate with any AD systems, and it's unlikely that we will do so in the foreseeable future.

However, you can create, change, and assign/remove Roles from Users via our User API endpoint. So you can create scripts on your AD server (or your User management platform) that provision and manage ServiceTrade Users in response to changes you make at the AD level via our User API.

Can I restrict my Users' access times?

Authorized access time-of-day management is unlikely to be added to ServiceTrade in the foreseeable future.

However, you could probably achieve something similar with an API script on your AD server that will deactivate, and/or "fuzz" the passwords of, Users at the beginning of their locked-out period (6 pm, say), then reactivate (or "un-fuzz") them when you intend for access to be restored.

Where can I see a User's activity?

  • User login activity itself isn't auditable by end-Users, but most significant actions (changes to records, the creation of new records, etc) are recorded on the History page.
  • If you're looking for a more systematic way to review changes to records, our history API endpoint gives access to this.
  • You could use this in a batch-oriented way (once a day, a month, etc) or in real-time using a webhook listener and a middleware platform such as Zapier, using some business logic that recognizes anomalous behavior and then puts those history records in a Google Sheet/emails them to you/whatever.

What should I do in ServiceTrade if a staff member is leaving permanently, or no longer needs access for some other reason?

  1. As an Admin User, view their User page and change their password right away if security is a concern.
  2. Search for all Quotes assigned to them and reassign, if applicable.
  3. Search for all Jobs where they are the Job owner and reassign, if applicable.
  4. If they are a Tech, when deactivating there is an option to reassign both open Jobs and replace them or remove them as the preferred Tech on recurring Services.
  5. View their User page, click Edit User, and change their status to "Inactive".



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