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Comments are a core feature of ServiceTrade, commonly used to convey information between office, field, and even customers. This article covers various types of comments and common uses.

Note: If you cannot add or view a comment you may not have the proper User activities set for your account. Please reach out to your Office Admin or Manager at your company.

Comment Visibility

Comments have various visibility controls. Most comments may be set to be visible to:

  • Only your company (private comment): Only people logged into your ServiceTrade account can see the comment. Private comments do not show in printed materials or any document, page, or object shared with anyone outside your company. A padlock icon represents private comments after they are created. 
  • Everyone: This means the comment will show up to customers and people within your company on Work Acknowledgements, Service Links, Quotes, Invoices, etc.

Note: If you want to set a company-wide default for comment visibility, someone with full admin access can configure this in your account settings. 


Special Comment Flags


When creating the above types of comments, you may check the following flags, which can aid visibility. 

  • Tech - Assures that tech will see comments in ServiceTrade mobile app and the ServiceTrade tablet view.  Any comment without the "tech" flag will not show in the ServiceTrade mobile app or tablet view.
  • Scheduling - Assures that a user of the ServiceTrade Scheduler will see the comment.  Scheduling comments are prominently placed on the Service Opportunities page and the Scheduler, allowing easy visibility without sifting through other comments. 
  • Billing - Tags comments that can contain information relevant to your users who are creating and managing invoices in ServiceTrade. Or, if made as a public comment, to customers who view copies of these invoices digitally with Invoice Link or physically via a printed copy.

IMPORTANT:  The above tags operate independently.  A comment tagged as "tech" and "scheduling" is possible and will show both on the Scheduler and Mobile apps.

Types of Comments

  • Company Comment - A bill-to comment or accounting note.
  • Location Comment - A useful note that may apply to all office users of a location (payment statuses), or all field technicians who go there, such as "Gate Code 4869".
    • Important Note: Location comments must be marked as a technician note or scheduling note for them to be displayed on Jobs at that Location.
    • Location comments of all types will propagate down to all jobs.
    • Technicians can see Location Comments marked as "Tech Note" in the ServiceTrade mobile app.
    • Location comments, while they cascade down to any jobs on the location, may only be viewed from the job page. They must be edited or deleted from the location page itself.
  • Job Comment - Information related specifically to this job is unlikely to be of note on future jobs. Not to be used for new deficiencies, as there is a separate function for these.
  • Quote Comment - Used during quote change requests or for further details on the quote.
  • Invoice Comment - Used primarily for internal office notes on a ServiceTrade invoice and by integrations to explain any invoice issues.
  • Service Comment - Service Comments can be made on Quotes or Jobs for services on those quotes or jobs. These are useful for sharing information about a specific service to be performed via a quote or a specific service that you are doing work for on a job.
    • Note: Service Comments will not appear on a PDF printed from a Service Link.
    • Note: These services comments will not follow a recurring service and will only exist on the single instance of service on the job or quote. So for example if you have a quarterly recurring service that you are performing service on a job for the first quarter, and you comment on that job, the next job for the second quarter of that recurring service will not have that service comment present.
  • Vendor Comment - A vendor comment is a comment made on a Vendor Page. These are useful if you are sharing information about a vendor to your employees or customers.
    • Note: These comments will automatically appear on Jobs that have been subcontracted to this specific Vendor. If the vendor comment is added after the job has already been created, the comment will not automatically appear on the job.


I am an Account Admin, and I see a comment on a Job or Quote that I cannot edit or delete?

This comment is likely a service comment. The video below will explain this in detail:

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