Bulk Importing Invoice Updates

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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This is a reference for bulk importing invoice updates into ServiceTrade.

Before you get started on completing this Invoice Update Import Template, you may wish to:


How to Download the Invoice Updates Import Template

  1. On the Nav Bar, click Customers.
  2. Then click Bulk Import.
  3. Then click the Invoice Updates tab.
  4. Click the invoice updates import template link. This will download a csv. file to your computer.

Invoice Updates Import Template Field Definitions

Below is a list of the Field Names and Definitions used in the Location Import Template.

Field Names Field Definitions
id The ServiceTrade ID for the Invoice you wish to modify. The Invoice ID can be found in the URL.

The new status for the Invoice. If left blank the status will remain the same.

Format: must be

  • ok
  • pending_accounting
  • processed
  • sent
  • paid
  • failed
  • void

Is the value you wish to set the invoice number for this Invoice in ServiceTrade. This is how you identify the Invoice internally or in some external system.

Format: Can be a combination of whole integers and letters. If left blank the Invoice Number will be left as is.


Is the Purchase Order number for your customer corresponding to this Invoice.

Format: Can be a combination of whole integers and letters. If left blank the Purchase Order number will remain the same.



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