Creating, Managing, and Testing Blank Paperwork

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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ServiceTrade allows you to add any number of custom fillable PDF documents (Blank Paperwork) to appear on Jobs.

The rules you define for blank paperwork will determine what fillable PDFs appear on any given Job. For example, you can easily have a fillable PDF appear on all jobs, and have another document appear only for extinguisher inspections.

Using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (or other PDF editors), it is also possible to add fillable fields to your blank paperwork, that will auto-populate your PDF's with information that is on a Job. This can save your Technicians a lot of time on the field, reduce double entry, and increase accuracy on your required forms.

This article will walk you through creating, managing, and testing your Blank Paperwork.

If you have additional questions about us providing support to add these fillable fields and metadata to your existing PDF forms, please reach out to our Customer Support or your Account Manager to discuss using Professional Services.

Note: We do not provide support for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. If you have any issues with this software please reach out to Adobe's Customer Support.


Video Walkthrough


Preparing your PDF forms using PDF Editing Software (we use Adobe Acrobat DC.)

We walk through this process in the Video Walkthrough at the 2:28 minute mark.

  1. Open the PDF you want to add the custom metadata in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (or possibly other PDF editors.)
  2. Click View
  3. Hover over Tools to view the Tools Options.
  4. Hover over Prepare Form to view the Prepare Form Options.
  5. Click Open to scan and prepare the document.
    Acrobat will automatically analyze your document and add form fields.
  6. Manually delete incorrect fillable fields, draw missing ones, and edit ones that are too small and large.
  7. Name the relevant fields on your PDF with the applicable ServiceTrade Fillable Field Names.
  8. Add any metadata using the Custom Properties function (if applicable).  Read the  articles below
  9. Click File.
  10. Then click Save to save the form.


Defining Paperwork Rules

In ServiceTrade you can define certain rules for the Paperwork you upload that will determine which Jobs the Paperwork will appear on. The first thing you'll need to do is log in to the ServiceTrade web application and define the rules for your documents.

  1. Click My Account.
  2. Then click Blank Paperwork.
  3. Then click Add Paperwork Rule.
  4. Here you will Choose the Customer, Location, Location Office, Job Office, Region (available to Enterprise Customers only), Job Type, Service Line, or Service Description for which you want to add blank job paperwork.
    If no options are selected, this blank paperwork will be applied to all Jobs.
  5. Once you have selected all the Rules you want, click Add Rule.
  6. On your newly created Rule, click the Upload Paperwork icon.
  7. Add a Description.
  8. Click Choose File, to open the Attach Custom Paperwork Menu.
  9. Select the PDF from your computer you want to upload.
  10. Click Open to upload the PDF to your Rule.


Test your Blank Paperwork

It is important to test the rules, fillable fields, and metadata that you have created. This section will walk you through how to test your paperwork.

  1. Open or create a Job that matches the rule you have defined.
  2. Click Blank Paperwork.
  3.  Then click Print.

Testing should include:

  • Make sure all checkboxes and radio buttons work.
  • Make sure all text fields behave as expected (multi-line, scrolling, etc.)
  • Make sure signature fields work.
  • Make sure ServiceTrade fillable fields work as expected.
  • If using repeatAsset or repeatService custom metadata, ensure the correct number of copies are generated.

Note: At the bottom left of the job page, there is an option to "Show rule-driven blank paperwork". This is meant to inform you at a glance of which forms will attach to this job, and why (explanation offered on hovering over.)



Are customers able to edit forms that are filled out by Techs after we upload them?

If you are using SeviceTrade's Blank Paperwork to fill out forms in the field as part of the Work Acknowledgement, you might have noticed that the PDFs your customers download from the email are still editable.

Don't worry. The form you've left behind cannot be changed. Once the Work Acknowledgement is signed, the form that is attached to the Work Acknowledgement is not alterable. The customer can download a copy of it, and change the copy, but they cannot change the original that was sent to them as part of the Work Acknowledgement.

If there are ever any questions, you, your customer, (or the Fire Marshall!) can always reference the original.


Why does the form I uploaded to the Blank Paperwork admin page have a yellow triangle next to it? 

There are several reasons that your PDF might not be viewable in ServiceTrade:

  • The PDF is encrypted.
    Solution: Remove the encryption (most PDF tools can do this.)
  • The PDF is password-protected.
    Solution: Remove the password protection (most PDF tools do this.)


When I open a PDF it either looks wrong, I cannot edit it, or my edits do not save?

If opening a PDF form with the intention of filling it, use Adobe Acrobat Reader, Apple Preview, or similar stand-alone PDF filler/annotator software.  

The built-in PDF preview that is found inside of your web browser is not sufficient, nor will it save your entries.


How can I re-order my blank paperwork?

There is no drag & drop support for this at the moment.  We plan to add this in the future.


I had Javascript in my forms, and it does not seem to be working.

Javascript-enabled PDFs are not supported.

We strip out any Javascript on each copy of a form that is completed by the technician. This action is by necessity and is related to how we pre-fill forms.



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