Formatting Subasset Fillable Field Names

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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If you use ServiceTrade's Subassets feature, you may want to create Blank Paperwork that make use of the parent/child relationships between Assets.

So for example, you may want to have a portable extinguisher inspection form that includes a list of all the extinguishers that you have grouped into parent extinguisher group.

When Accessing Fillable Fields in ServiceTrade you will find that there is no Subasset Type Menu. You will need to format your own Subasset Fillable Field Names.

This article will walk you through how to properly format a Subassets Fillable Filed.


How to Format Subasset Fillable Field Names

The format structure for a Subasset fillable field is as follows:

"servicetrade_job_assets-[Asset Type]-[Number Position of Asset]-subasset-

[Subasset Type]-[Number of Position of Subasset]-[Subasset Field]"



A field named:


  • Asset Type = extinguisher_group
  • Number Position of Asset = 1
    • This would be the 1st extinguisher group Asset listed at the location
  • Subasset Type = extinguisher
  • Number of Position of Subasset = 2
  • Subasset Field = manufacturer

This will display the manufacturer of the second extinguisher associated with the first extinguisher group Asset at this Location.


Use this link for more information on how to find Asset types lists in ServiceTrade.

If you have additional questions about us providing support with your PDF blank paperwork, please reach out to our Customer Support.

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