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Each ServiceTrade user's account can be configured to receive email notifications. This article outlines how users can set and configure email notifications for their ServiceTrade account.

These notifications are triggered when certain events happen, such as:

  • A customer views an emailed quote.
  • An inoperable deficiency is reported.
  • An appointment time is changed or modified, etc.

Note: If you are an Admin User, you can adjust these settings for other users from the admin users page.

How to Configure Your Notifications

  1. Click your User Profile Image in the upper right corner.
  2. Click My Profile from the drop-down menu.
  3. Verify your Email Address is correct.
  4. Scroll down to the Notifications gray bar on the My Profile page, and refer to the illustrated image below.
  • On the left-hand side, is the Event column. Here the different kinds of notifications are listed and descriptions of when they notify.
  • To the right of the Event column is the Scope column. Every notification with a drop-down option has a scope that limits when events will notify you.
  • The final column is the Email column. Checking a box in this column means that you wish to receive the selected notification. 


Can I set up push notifications for the mobile app?  

Push notifications are not supported at this time for mobile. The ServiceTrade mobile app is for Technician use only at the present.


How can I set up text messages / SMS notifications?

While we don't directly support text message/ SMS notifications, there is a cool way to do this anyway. SMS/MMS messages are email-based under the hood, and it turns out you can send an email (such as a ServiceTrade notification) directly to your text / SMS address. To do this, simply enter your text / SMS address into your account profile for ServiceTrade.  

What is my Email-to-Text/SMS Address?

Your email-to-text address typically is: "" where

  • "number" = your 10-digit phone number
  • "" = your mobile carrier's gateway.

Below are a list of common mobile gateways.

Common mobile gateways:
T-Mobile USA:


What triggers an appointment-modified email?

The time window wherein a modified appointment will trigger an email to assigned technicians is defined as the window of time:

  • Beginning last midnight
  • Extending to this coming midnight (or 8 hours after the time of the appointment change, whichever extends later)

So, if a preexisting appointment is moved into (or out of) this window, or if a new appointment is created and fits within this window, any assigned techs with this notification enabled will receive a notification.

Actions that trigger this notification are:

  • Moving an appointment into, out of, or around in the time window defined above
  • Assigning or removing a tech to/from an appointment existing in the time window defined above
  • Scheduling & assigning a tech to an appointment in the time window defined above
  • Releasing or un-releasing an assigned & scheduled appointment whose scheduled time fall within the time window defined above

What do appointment-modified emails look like?

Here are some examples:


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