Managing Account Service Lines

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Adam Graetz
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Service Lines are a powerful way to search and filter data by trade or type of work. Using Service Lines can be very useful when you need to export and run reports based on the type of work you perform.

This article walks users through how to manage the Service Lines available for their Company.

Example: If you manage a sprinkler team within a company that offers an array of services, you may wish to filter jobs and scheduling pages by service line (dry sprinkler, wet sprinkler, deluge sprinkler, etc), enabling you to focus only on the type of work you and your team do.

The following objects have service lines:

  • Locations
  • Services
  • Items
  • Assets
  • Technicians

Note: Technicians can have more than one service line. Services, Items, and Assets are associated with only one service line.


Manage your Account's Service Lines

  1. Click on My Account in the Navigation Menu to go to your Company's page.
  2. Click on Edit in the top right corner.
  3. From the list below Provided Service Lines select or deselect the Service Lines you'd like to add or remove from your Company.

Want to request a new Service Line?

  1. First, visit your Company page by clicking My Account in the Navigation Menu.
  2. Click Edit to see if the Service Line is present but disabled. You must be an Admin user to do this.
    • Note: Users are not able to add new Service Lines in ServiceTrade.
  3. If the Service Line is missing from the Edit Company page, you can request that ServiceTrade Support create them. If you have looked over all available service lines and feel that there is room to add, please send us an email at

In your request, please include the following:

  • Proposed new service line name and basic definition.
  • Proposed abbreviation.
  • Overall category it would belong to, if applicable.

Note: Because service lines are global and affect all users, we cannot approve all proposed service lines. We will consider each submission in full, and update you as we process them.


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