Creating and Managing Service Templates

Adam Graetz
Adam Graetz
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Service Templates can reduce repetitive work, increase efficiency, and assure accuracy when creating commonly used services. This article covers the creation, maintenance, and use of Service Templates.


Managing Service Templates 

  1. Click on My Account in the Navigation Menu.
  2. Click on Service Templates text underneath the Search box.
    • If you do not see this, you may not have access to manage Service Templates. A ServiceTrade Admin within your company may be willing to grant access if business needs allow. Contact them for more information.
  3. Once on the Service Template admin page, you can perform many tasks: 
    • Create a new Service Template.
    • View or edit service template details by clicking on the template name.
      • The edit button has the same effect as clicking the template name.
    • Duplicate a Service Template.
      • "Copy of" will be inserted at the beginning of the name of the new template. This is useful for situations where you need to make a similar template with a slight tweak.


Creating New Service Templates

  1. Click a Service Template name or the "Create a new Service Template" text to be taken to the service template details page. This page is nearly identical to creating a one-time service.
  2. Enter as much data as you can about this service that will be relevant in many to most situations. You may also add items to a Service Template, assuring that certain items, such as a fee, certain filters, or labor, get added to any job that has a service that uses this template.


Using Service Templates

To use a Service Template to create a new service:

  1. Visit a Location page and click "Create a New Service".
  2. Click the text "Use a Template" in the top right of the service creation page.
  3. Any fields which have been filled out in the Service Template automatically populate in this new service details page. A complete Service Template will result in the user creating a service needing to only potentially select an asset.


Am I able to set the delivery window for service templates, like I am for a service?

Not at this time. Templates are intended to provide information that is generally not going to vary. The delivery window (anytime in the month vs a more specific date) may vary depending on the customer and situation.

Is there a way to bulk-create or bulk-import Service Templates?  

There is not a way to do this currently.  However, if you have a large number of existing service templates (or equivalent concepts) that you would like to get imported into ServiceTrade, the support team might be able to create a script that can import them for you.  If interested, please email


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