Supported Versions of QuickBooks

Adam Gurley
Adam Gurley
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ServiceTrade supports:

  • QuickBooks Online (all versions).
  • Any version of QuickBooks Desktop for Windows that supports Web Connector and is actively supported by Intuit (See this Intuit support article for a list of currently supported QuickBooks Desktop versions).

QuickBooks Desktop for Mac is not supported because Intuit does not provide support for Web Connector, or any other third-party connectors, for QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. Some alternative options for QuickBooks Desktop for Mac users are detailed in this Sleeter Report article.


What about future QuickBooks versions?

We will continue to update ServiceTrade to work with QuickBooks Online and Intuit-supported versions of QuickBooks for Windows for the foreseeable future. It is critical to check any potential upgrade for Web Connector support (list linked to above).


What if I update QuickBooks? Do I have to update ServiceTrade?

No update to ServiceTrade is required, but it is possible that you may need to reinstall the Web Connector configuration. If your ServiceTrade service within Web Connector is not working normally after an upgrade, please send us a message.

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