Using Asset Attachments for Location-Specific Paperwork

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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You may have documents and images that they want to make available to your Technicians on every Job at a Location (floor plans, schematics, Location-specific paperwork, etc.)

You can upload Attachments to a Location, however, Location-specific Attachments will not show up on Job Appointments, and will not be visible to the Tech.

You can use the "Building" Asset, which is available at every Location in ServiceTrade, to make these Attachments available to your Technicians in the field.


How to add an Attachment to the building Asset in the Office App

  1. Navigate to the Location Page you want to add an Attachment to.
  2. Click the Assets accordion to expand the Assets Section.
  3. Click the "Building - Location" Asset.
  4. On the Asset Menu, click the Attachments accordion to expand the Attachments section.
  5. Add a Description.
  6. Select "Only your Company" from the Visible To: drop-down menu.
  7. Choose File to select which file you want to upload.
  8. Click Upload, to upload the file.




How to view these "Building" Asset Attachments in the ServiceTrade Mobile App

  1. Open the relevant Job Appointment, from the Appointments List.
  2. Tap the Assets tile.
  3. Tap the All toggle, to view all Assets at the Job's Location.
  4. Select the Building Asset from the list.
  5. Tap "Attachments" to view all documents associated with the Asset.



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