Using QuickBooks Invoice Templates with ServiceTrade

Adam Gurley
Adam Gurley
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QuickBooks invoice templates work by selecting from a dropdown on any invoice, when working in QuickBooks.  


QuickBooks will remember your last template selection, and then use that one as the default going forward, until someone selects a different one by hand, and then that one becomes the default.  The best template for ServiceTrade users to utilize is the “Product Invoice” template, as that one includes shipping address, PO numbers, sales rep and other fields that we are able to support.


There is not a way to select QuickBooks invoice templates from within ServiceTrade. This is a technical limitation of QuickBooks Web Connector. Specifying which invoice template that you would like to be applied must happen in the user interface of QuickBooks itself. 


ServiceTrade invoices are meant to be pro-forma.  The intention is that we take you 80% of the way there, reducing double data entry and error, by starting an invoice and sending it to accounting.


Accounting then polishes the invoice, including by applying templates or other formatting, before sending it to the customer from the accounting system.

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