Troubleshooting Netsuite

Adam Gurley
Adam Gurley
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The root cause of a failed customer sync is nearly always that the address isn’t correct -- ServiceTrade API requires a street, city, and state for every address, but this isn’t required in NetSuite, so it’s easy for this to affect end-users.

  1. Check the customer address in NetSuite to make sure it’s fully formed.
  2. Check the customer’s parent customer’s address to make sure it’s fully formed.

Sometimes NetSuite will get an address that appears to be OK but doesn’t have any constituent parts (street, city, etc). This isn’t evident from the address list, only if you click on that address record (with the Edit pencil icon). To fix, edit the customer, then edit the address and type the correct address/city/state values into their respective fields. Click OK to close the address modal, then click save to save the customer.

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