Red Triangle Warning

Adam Gurley
Adam Gurley

In the Service Trade mobile app, Red Triangles appear beside attachments of any kind if that attachment has not been successfully synced to ServiceTrade.


You can see which specific attachment is causing the issue by tapping on Attachments, which will open the attachments page:

Common causes of syncing issues include:

  • Poor or interrupted data connection
  • Closing the app during an upload
  • Adding many attachments at once while others are uploading


Should a Red Triangle appear beside an item, tapping the triangle prompts the app to attempt to resync the affected attachment. This is most effective on a solid wifi connection.

If successful, the red triangle will disappear. If not, uninstall and reinstall the ServiceTrade app on your mobile device. Do not simply update the app, but rather uninstall and reinstall the mobile app.

If the above troubleshooting is unsuccessful, reach out to ServiceTrade support at

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