Alternate Customer Contracts

Adam Graetz
Adam Graetz
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An Alternate Customer Contract is a service contract where the company on the contract differs from the company associated with the service location.

Alternate Customer Contract help handle situations where a contract is for a set time or for where your relationship is not with the owner of specific service locations. It is possible to create contracts in ServiceTrade for ANY location, not just the locations owned by that contract's customer. 


The contract below is for Encom Manufacturing to perform warranty work at the Thai Satay Restaurant. Since the warranty applies only for one year, the contract ends on date is one year from its start date.

Note: The contract is applied specifically to the location Thai Satay Restaurant, even though that location's parent company is NOT Encom Manufacturing.  

This contract is scoped just to the Warranty job type, which means that this contract can only be used for warranty jobs at Thai Satay Restaurant. 


Whenever a warranty job or quote is created for Thai Satay Restaurant with this contract, the customer for that job (or quote) will be Encom Manufacturing, NOT the company that owns Thai Satay Restaurant (as would normally be the case).

For jobs created with this contract, the customer for that job's invoices will also be Encom Manufacturing.

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