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Adam Graetz
Adam Graetz
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ServiceTrade's Service Link emails include information about all of a Job's Appointments by default.  For instance, if you have a Job with three scheduled Appointments, the Service Link email will include the dates of all three in the subject line and message body.

However, there may be times when including information about all Appointments is not desirable.  You may wish to email your customer specifically about a single Appointment on a given Job -- for instance, if you use Service Links to confirm tomorrow's Appointments.  

It's possible to choose to include or not include details about all Appointments or a single Appointment in your Service Link emails.


Service Link Appointment Settings

By default, all Appointments are included in the email message.



However, you can choose a specific Appointment to mention in the email:



Or you can choose not to mention any specific Appointment dates or times in your email message at all:


This will determine which Appointment information is shared in the Service Link email.

What the Customer Sees

"Do not include Appointment details"



"Current Appointment (10/19/2018 9:30 AM EDT)"


"All 3 Appointments"


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