Creating and Managing Regions

Adam Graetz
Adam Graetz
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ServiceTrade provides admin users with Enterprise subscriptions with the ability to define geographical regions to assist with dividing your jobs.

This article will walk you through creating these regions in your account.



Video Walkthrough


Creating a New Region

  1. While logged in as an admin user, click your profile image in the top right corner.
  2. Next click on Account Settings.
  3. Click the Offices accordion bar to expand the menu.
  4. Click the button labeled Manage Offices & Regions
    On the new page that appears, a map will be displayed that presents a breakdown of your offices.
  5. To add a new region, click the add link under the office responsible for that region.
  6. A shape is then added to the displayed map region, which can then be edited by dragging the points of the shape in various directions.
  7. Clicking on any grey circles between the points of your shape will create a new editable section of the region, allowing you to change the shape to exactly fit your needs.
    • The shape itself can also be customized via the use of labels, colors, and selecting applicable offices.
  8. Click Save.

You can now use your newly created region when interacting with various searches within ServiceTrade.


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