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ServiceTrade offers Contact management at the Location and at the Company level.

In this article, we will walk users through creating new Contacts and adding existing Contacts to your Companies and Locations.


Creating New Contacts on a Company or Location

  1. To begin, navigate to the Company or Location to which you want to add a Contact.
  2. Click the Contacts icon next to the name of the entity.
  3. Clicking this icon will open a new window, click Create New Contact. 
    Note: If you need to add an existing Contact to a Location or Company, please skip ahead in this article.
  4. On the next screen fill out the contact's First and Last Name.
  5. Select a Contact Type. The available Contact Types are below:
    • Primary Job Contact
    • Financial
    • Management
    • On-Site
    • Owner
    • Sales
    • Scheduling
    • Custom Contact Type

      : Checking the Primary Contact box will mark this Contact as the default for all communication that originates from ServiceTrade (quotes, Service and Invoice Links, etc.)Contacts3.png
  6. Click the Create Contact button. Once the contact is created, the Contacts associated with the Company or Location will be displayed in a list. If you mark the Contact as the primary, a label will appear next to their name noting this.


Creating a new Job Primary Contact

A Job Primary Contact can be added to a job in situations when the Location Primary Contact will not be the primary contact on that job. A Job Primary Contact supersedes the Location Primary Contact for that job on the mobile app. See image below:


  1. To begin, navigate to the Job you want to add a Contact to.
  2. Click the Contacts icon next to the name of the entity.
  3. Clicking this icon will open a new window, click Create New Contact. 
  4. On the next screen fill out the contact's First and Last Name.
  5. Select Job Primary Contact as the Contact Type.

Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 10.14.55 AM.png

  • If a Job Primary Contact is created for a Job, and the technician is on that Job Appointment, the Job's Primary Contact will be the Primary Contact on the appointment.
  • The Location Primary Contact will appear below the Job Primary Contact located in the Contact section.

Adding an Existing Contact to a Location or Company

  1. To begin, navigate to the Company or Location which you want to edit a Contact.
  2. Click the Contacts icon next to the name of the entity.
  3. From the Contact pop-up, click Add Existing Contact. 
  4. In the new window, begin typing the name of the existing Contact you wish to add to your Location or Company.
  5. When the desired Contact appears, click on it in the Search drop-down menu. The Contact's information will then populate in the text fields below.
  6. Once done, click the green Add Contact button to add the Contact to the Location or Company. The added Contact will be displayed in a list with any other Contacts on the Location or Company.

Merge Contacts

Merging contacts makes it possible to take two contacts that are duplicated and merge them into one, to ensure that there is accurate record-keeping of contact information. 

Note: In order to access the merge contacts capability a user must be granted the Edit Contacts role.

  1. On the Nav Bar, click Customers.
  2. Then click Contacts.
  3. Search and navigate to the contact you want to merge other contacts into.
  4. Once the desired contact has been located click the Merge Contact button.
  5. Select the contact that you wish to Merge From (merge and delete.)

    • Note: The system will auto-populate the contact that was selected in step two into the MERGE INTO column

  6. Review and click Confirm and Merge via the Preview Result column. 

    • Note: The resulting merged contact will be associated with both locations and companies.

Custom Contact Types

If you are an Account Admin or have been granted the activity 'Edit Contact Types' you will be able to create and edit custom contact types.


  1. When adding or editing a contact, select the Types drop-down menu.
  2. Type in your custom contact name. If the contact type does not exist in your account, you will see "(new)" next to your custom contact type.
  3. Clicking Enter when you are done writing the new custom contact type.
  4. Finish the other steps of editing or creating a contact, then click Update Contact or Edit Contact to create the contact and new custom contact type.

Note: your new custom contact type will now be available in the Types drop-down under the Custom types section.



Can I add additional fields to Contacts, such as a Fax number?  

ServiceTrade Location or Company Contacts represent up to three phone numbers and an email address. If you have a Contact that has a nonstandard phone number type, such as a fax number, use the Alternate Phone field.


How do I export Contacts?

  1. Click the Customers button in the navigation bar.
  2. Next, click Contacts.
  3. From this screen, click "Export to Spreadsheet" in the upper right-hand corner of the window.
    Note: Only users with the "Export Contacts" activity can see this button and perform this action.
  4. This will then download a .CSV spreadsheet file to your computer containing all of the Contacts that you have populated on your Contacts page.


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