Glossary of PartsLedger Terms

Adam Gurley
Adam Gurley
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Below is a list of terms used in PartsLedger, some are interchangeable with words used in ServiceTrade and some are PartsLedger specific. This will help our support team be able to better understand and assist you if an issue were to occur while using PartsLedger.

  • Inventoried items: Anything that you are going to directly charge the customer on the work order
  • Non-inventoried items: Items that you are granularly keeping track of and indirectly charging the customer
  • Suppliers: Any entity that is providing a service, part, or labor that will be used on a job
  • Facilities: Any truck, tech, and warehouse that stores items as inventory
  • Work order: PartsLedger’s verbiage for ServiceTrade jobs
  • Purchase order (PO): Order of items, services, parts, and labor, purchased from a supplier, that will be used on a ServiceTrade job or work order
  • Shipment receipt: Transaction that occurs upon item receipt of inventory items
  • Inventory assignment: Transaction that occurs upon allocation to job/work order
  • Work order closing: Transaction the occurs when a job in ServiceTrade is marked as complete
  • Part Number: The indicator for a particular item, service, or part
  • Facility Code: The code associated with a specific warehouse or facility.
  • Quantity on Hand (qoh): This is the quantity of an item, in the warehouse, at the time of the inventory adjustment
  • Units of Measurement (UOM): Units of measurement (see Units of Measurement support article for reference).
  • Per Unit Value: Cost of each unit used in the adjustment
  • Inventory Date: Date in which the inventory adjustment takes place

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