Pull Parts from a Warehouse or Truck onto a ServiceTrade Job

Adam Gurley
Adam Gurley
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  • PartsLedger

  • PartsLedger 2 where noted


Add a new warehouse sourced job item

  1. Click Add Parts, Labor, and Items
  2. Enter an Item code that matches an inventoried part in PartsLedger
  3. Enter the desired Quantity
  4. Select the Warehouse source type. If your user profile has a default warehouse, that warehouse will appear automatically. Otherwise, select the desired warehouse
  5. Click Save

Edit an existing job item's details

Note: PartsLedger 2 required. Earlier versions still need to manually reverse transactions and add new job items

  1. Click the Parts, Labor, and Items box to open the editing window
  2. Change the Item to another part number
  3. Change the Quantity to a higher or lower (higher than zero) number
  4. Change the Source from no source, technician, reference, or warehouse source to any other source
  5. Click Save
  6. This feature works by automatically reversing any linked journal entry and reposting a new one — essentially what your office staff had to do manually is now automated in PartsLedger 2


  • If the part does not match an inventoried item in PartsLedger, the warehouse source will update to show the message: Inventory Error: Part Not Found
  • If the available quantity in PartsLedger is less than your entry, the warehouse source will update to show the message: Inventory Error: Max Qty x, where x is the quantity that PartsLedger has available at that warehouse
  • Any source other than Warehouse will not pull inventory from PartsLedger

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