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Derek Torres
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What ServiceTrade and Procore subscriptions/products do I need to use the integration?

For ServiceTrade: you must have a Premium or Enterprise subscription to use the Procore integration.

For Procore: you must have access to the Budget and Field Productivity tools.


Is there any additional cost for using the Procore integration?

No. The integration cost is included with your Procore and ServiceTrade subscriptions (see above for the specific subscriptions required.)


How do I install and use the Procore integration?

The integration is available as an embedded app inside Procore. To install the app from the Procore Marketplace, follow these installation instructions. To learn how to use the app once it is installed, read this article.


What data must my Procore project have to use the ServiceTrade integration?

The project must have at least the following data:

  • Name

  • Address

  • City

  • State

  • Zip (Postal Code)


What tools must be enabled for my Procore project to use the ServiceTrade integration?

The project must have at least the following tools enabled:

  • Admin

  • Directory

  • Project Financials

  • Timecards

  • Timesheets (recommended but not required)


Can all my Procore projects be automatically synced to ServiceTrade as jobs?

No. You must sync each Procore project to ServiceTrade individually, by launching the embedded ServiceTrade app for each Procore project and syncing the project to ServiceTrade.


Can I create a Procore project from an existing ServiceTrade job (instead of starting with a Procore project and syncing it to ServiceTrade)?

No, this workflow is not recommended. Typically, shared Procore/ServiceTrade projects begin their lifecycle in Procore's project management workflow. You should create the project in Procore first, then sync it to ServiceTrade.



Can all my ServiceTrade clock events be automatically synced to Procore at the end of every day or week?

No. You must manually sync the clock events to Procore through the embedded app. Typically you should perform this action on a set schedule; for instance, at the end of each day, week, or pay period.


What happens if some of my ServiceTrade technicians aren't listed as employees in Procore?

When you attempt to sync clock events to Procore, events that are associated with technicians who do not have an assigned Procore employee ID (or whose employee ID doesn't match any employee in Procore) will be flagged with a warning message. Those events cannot be selected, and cannot be synced to Procore.



Can I use my Procore timesheet rounding rules with ServiceTrade's integration?

Yes. Your Procore timesheet rounding rules will automatically be applied to all time entries synced from ServiceTrade.


Will changes that I make to my technicians' times in Procore's Timesheets be synced back to ServiceTrade?

No. Clock event / Timesheet syncing is a one-way sync only.

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