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Initial ServiceForms Connector Configuration

1. Go to the ServiceForms Connector URL,


2. Log in with the ServiceTrade username/password of a user that has been granted the Admin Account activity.


3. You should see a warning that configuration credentials have not yet been provided:


4. Click on either Settings link to access the settings page


5. Enter the following settings (all are required):

  • Device Magic API Key: - get this from Device Magic (Settings → API Access)

  • Device Magic Organization ID: - get this from Device Magic. IMPORTANT: This is the organization ID (visible in the URL), not the organization key (visible on the home page of the Device Magic management console). Example: for, the organization ID is 49701.

  • ServiceTrade username

  • ServiceTrade password

  • ServiceTrade external system name for Device Magic


6. Click Save. You should be returned to the Connector main page.


Initial ServiceTrade Configuration

7. Go to the ServiceTrade web application URL.


8. Log in with the ServiceTrade username/password of a user that has been granted the Admin Account Activity.


9. Click on your avatar in the upper right corner, then choose Account Settings.


10. Open the Webhooks section.


11. Click ‘Add Webhook’.



12. In the ‘Webhook Notification URL’ box, enter the Connector dispatch listener URL: (you will need to replace ACCOUNT_ID_GOES_HERE with your company's ServiceTrade account ID). To find your company's account ID, follow the steps detailed in this article.



13. Click Save.


14. Wait a few moments, then refresh the page. Confirm that the status changes from ‘Confirming’ to ‘Enabled’. This may take several minutes to complete. Refresh the page to see updates.



Once you have completed your initial configuration, you are ready to set up your first form. To learn more about Form Setup, click here.

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