End-to-End Form Testing

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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Important Note: ServiceForms is now ServiceTrade InspectionManager. InspectionManager retains all of the inspection automation benefits of its predecessor but with some important additions. To read more about this exciting change, read more here.

If you opt to customize your Standard Forms, you will not be eligible for future version updates.

End-to-End Form Testing

This article provides a step-by-step for end-to-end InspectionManager form testing.

Step 1: Setting up a Test Job in the ServiceTrade Web App

  1. Create a Test Location in your ServiceTrade account if you do not have one already.
  2. Create a Test Asset for the location if you do not have one already.
    • Ensure that the Test Asset is related to the Service Line that will dispatch your form and that the Asset Type corresponds to the Asset Type listed on the form’s Dispatch Rule. You will use this asset to test the update asset and deficiency creation functionality.
  3. Create a new Test Service for your Test Location.
  4. Add the Test Asset to the new Test Service.
    • Ensure that your Test Service includes all the necessary information from the associated Dispatch Rule so that your form will dispatch when the technician clocks in. If you are unsure of the Dispatch Rule associated with your form, you can find it in the InspectionManager Connector at serviceforms.servicetrade.com.
      E2E2 (1).png
      E2E3 (1).png
  5. Create a new Test Job and Appointment for your Test Location.
  6. Add the Test Service to the Job.
  7. Schedule the Job’s Appointment for today, and assign it to your Test User/Technician

Step 2: Clocking-In and Receiving the Dispatched Form

  1. Log in to the ServiceTrade Mobile Application as the Test User/Technician.
  2. Find the Appointment at your Test Location that you scheduled for today.
  3. Clock-in to that Appointment.
    • Important Note: This action is what will dispatch the form.
  4. Within a few seconds (it can sometimes take up to 20-30 seconds), you will receive a notification from the Device Magic Mobile App that the form has been dispatched.
  5. Tap the notification to open the form in the Device Magic app. 
    • If you miss the dispatch notification, manually switch to the Device Magic app and select the “Dispatches” tab at the bottom of the screen. There, you should see the dispatched form. 
      If the form is not being pre-populated with information from your ServiceTrade account (such as Job Number, Location, etc.), or if the PDF output isn’t attached to the Job after the form is submitted, ensure that you are accessing the form from the “Dispatches” tab in Device Magic and not from the general “Forms” list.

Step 3: Completing the Form in Device Magic

  1. Review the form, following the checklist below. We recommend you ask at least one of your technicians to fill out the form and provide feedback:
  2. Questions you can ask you Techs:
    • Are all the fields you need on the form?
    • Does each field allow the technician to collect the information in the format that you need it?
    • Is the order of the questions/fields on the form the way you would like it? Does it make sense to your technician(s) and their workflow on the job? If there is confusion, this may be an opportunity to utilize “Hints” on the form.
    • Are all the required fields marked as such on the form with a red asterisk? 
    • Is the technician prompted to take a picture when required, i.e., when documenting a deficiency, etc.?
    • Do all dependent/conditional logic fields appear as they should?
  3. Complete the form, following the checklist below:
    1. Is all the necessary information from ServiceTrade pre-populated on the form when you open it from your “Dispatches” tab?
    2. Update your Test Asset on the form. Test every field that should update the asset in your ServiceTrade account. 
    3. Create a new deficiency for the Test Asset. Test each field that should prompt the creation of a deficiency. 
    4. Create a new asset on the form. Be sure to create a new deficiency for this asset to ensure that the creation of deficiencies also functions for newly created assets. 
    5. Take pictures wherever prompted by the form.
  4. Submit your completed form and allow time for the updates to process to ServiceTrade. This may take several minutes, depending on the size and complexity of the form. 

Step 4: Confirm Automated Actions in your ServiceTrade Account

  1. Login back into your ServiceTrade account.
  2. Navigate to your Test Location.
    • Refresh the page if the Job or Location has been open while testing.
  3. Navigate to the Test Job, if you are not there already.
  4. Confirm the automatic updates in ServiceTrade, following the checklist below:
    • Does your newly created asset appear in the Assets section on the Test Job? (You will need to click “Show All Assets at This Location” to see them.)E2E5.png
    • Was your original Test Asset successfully updated?
    • Do you now have two new deficiencies in the Deficiencies section on the Test Job (one for the Test Asset and one for the New Asset)?
    • Do the images you took when completing the form appear on the Job, Asset, and/or the deficiencies? 
    • Did the PDF output of the form appear in the Job Attachments section on the Test Job?
    • Open the PDF.

Step 5: Review and Approve your PDF Output

Review the PDF output to ensure that all the desired fields are present and that the information entered into the form in Device Magic is displayed correctly, following the checklist below: 

  • Is your company information correct on the form (logo, contact information, etc.)?
  • Does company information appear on each page of the form or only on the first page (as desired)?
  • Does the technician’s name and/or certification number appear on the form, if required?
  • Does the technician’s signature appear on the form, if required?
  • Does all the necessary customer information appear on the form (location name, address, contact information, etc.)?
  • Does the customer signature appear on the form, if required?
  • Does all of the necessary asset information appear on the form?
  • Do the readings collected by the technician appear in the correct places on the form?
  • Do any pertinent images appear correctly on the form (in a legible size, in the correct place, not cut off, etc.)?
  • Are the questions on the form displayed correctly (questions that should appear are present; irrelevant questions are hidden, etc.)?
  • Do reported deficiencies appear in the correct place, with all the required information?

Providing Feedback (if necessary)

  • Form Edits: Please document any and all edits you need made to the mobile form and/or the PDF output in writing to be reviewed with your Project Manager.
    • Description of the problem/issue
    • ServiceTrade Job Number (if applicable)
    • Name of the form in question
    • Screenshot of the problem, if available

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