A Review of Free Forms in Your ServiceForms Account

Adam Gurley
Adam Gurley
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Your Device Magic account comes pre-populated with two free forms, a COVID-19 Employee Health and Behavior Questionnaire and a Vehicle Checklist. This article will review those forms and walk you through the process of testing them. 


COVID-19 Employee Health and Behavior Questionnaire

To watch a video walkthrough of this form, click here

This form is designed to help you screen your technicians for symptoms of COVID-19 before entering the office or clocking into a job. In your Device Magic account, it will be listed under the “Default” Group, meaning that it will be accessible to all members of your organization from the Device Magic Mobile Forms app under the “Forms” tab.



After opening the form in the DM Mobile Forms app, first select the “Employee Health Questionnaire.”FFR3.jpeg


This section asks about each of the official symptoms of COVID-19 as listed by the CDC website. If a technician selects “Yes” for any of these questions, then you may want to further investigate the state of their health before they begin work. 


If they select “No” for the question about fever, a new field will appear that will prompt them to enter the reading from a thermometer, as well as include a picture of the thermometer itself.


You can make this field required by editing the form in the Device Magic Management Console, selecting the field, choosing  “Show Advanced Settings…”


And setting it to be required when the field is active.


After completing the Health Questionnaire, the tech can go back and move on to the “Employee Behavior Questionnaire.” 


In this section, “hints” have been added to some of the questions to provide more context, for example, the CDC’s definition of social distancing.


If a technician answers “Yes” to either of the last two questions in this section, regarding being in close contact with, or caring for someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or exhibits symptoms of COVID-19, you may want to investigate further. 


After completing both Questionnaire sections, the technician will be asked to answer two required questions agreeing to follow all CDC guidelines for protecting themselves and others, as well as report any unsafe conditions they observe.


Lastly, the form will ask the technician for the last four digits of their social security number (this can also be changed to ask for some other employee identification number) in order to help keep data anonymous. It will also ask for a date and time that the form is completed. These will default to the current date and time. 


After the form is submitted, a report will be sent to the email of your admin user(s) and any additional destination(s) you choose to set up. In addition to sending to a specific person’s email, you may want to send it to a folder in your cloud storage provider of choice (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive). Rules can also be set so that a form is only sent to that destination if a question is answered in a specific way. For example, if the technician answers “Yes” on any of the symptom questions, or if they have been caring for someone who has been experiencing those symptoms, it can alert the person who receives the form to take further action. 


Vehicle Inspection Checklist

To watch a video walkthrough of this form, click here.


This form is designed to help inspect and determine the condition of company vehicles. Like the COVID-19 form, it will be listed under the “Default” Group in your Device Magic account, so any members of your organization will be able to access it from the “Forms” list in the Device Magic Mobile Forms app.


After selecting the form, the technician will first be prompted to identify the vehicle they are inspecting, as well as their name and the date and time of the inspection. The date and time field will automatically populate the current date and time by default.


What follows is a checklist of yes or no questions regarding the condition of the various parts of the vehicle. If the technician answers “No” to any of the questions, indicating that there is a problem with the vehicle, they will be prompted to enter a description of the issue and/or include a picture of the damage. 



At the end of the checklist is a field for the technician to report any additional issues not covered by the previous questions, as well as a place to leave their signature, certifying that they have completed the inspection.


When the form is submitted, a report will be sent to the email of your admin user(s) and any additional destination(s) you choose to set up in your Device Magic Management Console. The report will display all the technician’s answers to the checklist, and further information or pictures relating to issues with the vehicle will be shown below the checklist. 


If you are a ServiceForms customer and do not have access to these forms, email us at serviceforms@servicetrade.com. If you are interested in learning more about ServiceForms, visit www.servicetrade.com/serviceforms.

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