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Control Customer Visibility

It is now possible to edit the customer visibility of services, deficiencies, attachments, paperwork, and job items in the mobile app without stepping all the way through "View More Details" --> "Create Work Acknowledgement." Instead, whenever adding or editing these records, there is a toggle like this:

If this toggle is on, the service, deficiency, attachment, paperwork, or job item will be visible on work acknowledgments, pre-work authorizations, and service links. Editing customer visibility is identical across the Android and iOS apps.

Walkthrough of Customer Visibility Toggle process:




Create Work Acknowledgement and Authorization

Instead of creating work acknowledgments and pre-work authorizations in the mobile web view ("View More Details"), technicians can now create them in the native mobile application with offline support. On the appointment view, technicians will now see these options:

When a technician selects the option to "Create Work Acknowledgement," they are presented with a view that enables them to:

  1. Control which technicians display on the work acknowledgment.

  2. Select which customer contact will sign the work acknowledgment and, optionally, select whether or not to offer them an email copy of the work acknowledgment.

  3. Review and edit services, job items, files/photos, deficiencies, and comments will be customer-facing.

  4. Capture the customer's PO number

When the technician is done preparing the work acknowledgment, tapping the "Review" option in the upper right corner will navigate to a layout designed for your customer to review the job and appointment details. In this layout, your customer will be able to:

  • View job and appointment details, including records the technician set to "Visible To Customer"

  • Accept the job terms and conditions.

  • Add or confirm their contact details

  • Add their signature. Note that the screen can be rotated into landscape mode to provide more screen space to capture their signature.

  • Email additional copies of the work acknowledgment to other contacts if the "Offer email copy of receipt to customer" option was selected by the technician

Walkthrough of the entire work acknowledgment process:



The process for creating a pre-work authorization is very similar to that of creating a work acknowledgment with the primary differences that:

  • Customers cannot receive a copy of a pre-work authorization as it is a document for your internal records

  • Only services and job items records are visible to the customer. Files/photos, deficiencies, and comments are not visible to the customer on pre-work authorizations.

Note that invoicing as part of the work acknowledgment workflow is not available yet but will be coming soon.

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