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Important Note: ServiceForms is now ServiceTrade InspectionManager. InspectionManager retains all of the inspection automation benefits of its predecessor but with some important additions. To read more about this exciting change, read more here.

Dispatch Rules

In InspectionManager, Dispatch Rules are the part of the form that determines under what circumstances it is sent to a technician when they clock into a job.

This article gives a brief overview of how Dispatch Rules work. Your Project Manager will help you set up Dispatch Rules for each of your forms during onboarding and implementation, so you may not even need to change anything once they are set. 

Dispatch Rules are set up in the InspectionManager Connector, the middleware integration between Device Magic and the ServiceTrade web application. Admin users of ServiceTrade can access the InspectionManager Connector at serviceforms.servicetrade.com.

Warning: Before making any changes to your Dispatch Mapping code, it's important to understand that deleting, removing, or adding any of the code in the Dispatch Mapping section can break your dispatch rules. Before you begin, please copy your existing code into a secure and saved document so you can reference it for future use. ServiceTrade cannot guarantee a backup of your original dispatch mapping code.

To edit a form’s Dispatch Rule:

  1. Login in to InspectionManager.
  2. Select the form.
  3. Click the rule under Dispatch to:

DisR1 (1).png

Forms can be set to dispatch based on:

  • Customer
  • Region
  • Offices
  • Job Types
  • Service Lines
  • Service Description
  • State (2 Letter Abbreviation)
  • City
  • Asset Type
  • Service Frequency
  • Service Interval

If a Job meets the criteria of a form’s Dispatch Rule, that form will be dispatched to the technician’s mobile device when they clock-in to the Job on the ServiceTrade mobile application. 

So if, for example, on every fire extinguisher inspection job, you need technicians to fill out a specific inspection form, you could set up a Dispatch Rule for:

  • Job Types: Inspection
  • Service Lines: Portable Extinguisher

DisR2 (1).png

You will notice that if these fields are not given a specific input, they will default to “All.” 

Note: In order for a form to dispatch, the Job in ServiceTrade must meet ALL of the criteria established by the Dispatch Rule.


If you have a form that only applies to very specific scenarios, you may want to add a unique Service Description in the Dispatch Rule that must be included on the service in ServiceTrade. 


This form would only dispatch for jobs where at least one service had “Dispatch testing” in its description.


Finally, the Dispatch Rule can be set to automatically pre-populate the form with assets from ServiceTrade.

You have the option to either load only assets related to the services being performed on the appointment, or load all assets at the appointment’s location, depending on your workflow. 


At the bottom of the Dispatch Rule page is the Dispatch Mapping, the code that controls what information from ServiceTrade is pre-loaded into the dispatched form. DO NOT EDIT OR DELETE THIS SECTION


For information on testing Dispatch Rules, see this article.

If you would like to change what info is pre-loaded into a form, contact your InspectionManager Project Manager, or reach out to the InspectionManager team by emailing us here.

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