Connecting QuickBooks Online to ServiceTrade

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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This article will walk you through how to set up your ServiceTrade + QuickBooks Online Integration.


  • A user with the Account Admin role assigned.
  • A subscription to QuickBooks Online. There may be additional costs with QuickBooks.

Connecting QuickBooks Online to ServiceTrade

  1. Click your Avatar icon.
  2. Then click Account Settings.
  3. On the right side of this page, click the Add an External System button.
  4. From Type drop-down menu select QuickBooks.
  5. Enter a System Name and System Label, following the naming criteria described above these fields.
    • We recommend that your System Name should be "quickbooks" and your System Label should be "QuickBooks Online".
  6. Click the Save button when done.
  7. On the next screen, click the small Connect to QuickBooks button (Web connecter is used for connecting to QuickBooks Desktop.)
  8. In the popup window that appears, enter your QuickBooks Online username and password.
  9. Click the Sign In button.
  10. You'll see the QuickBooks company file name that you'll be connecting to ServiceTrade. (If there is more than one company file, you will have the option to choose which one you want to connect.)
    Select the company and click Connect. Once connected, you can go back and connect more company files using this process

You're now connected! For more info on choosing the right QuickBooks account configurations, click here

Once the configuration settings are saved, you can now send invoices from ServiceTrade to QuickBooks.



What is the function of the External IDs on Companies and Locations in ServiceTrade?

You will notice some of your companies and locations have an external ID:

Once the QuickBooks Online + ServiceTrade have been successfully connected, when you send Invoices to QuickBooks from ServiceTrade, ServiceTrade will look for a Customer or Location with a name that matches exactly.

  • If ServiceTrade finds an existing customer in QuickBooks Online with the same exact name it will look for the ID in the customer URL of QuickBooks Online, and create an External ID in ServiceTrade that matches the QuickBooks URL ID.
  • If ServiceTrade does not find an existing customer in QuickBooks Online with the same exact name it will create a new customer in QuickBooks Online, and create an External ID in ServiceTrade that matches the new customer QuickBooks URL ID.
    • Note: If the name is similar but slightly different it will create a duplicate customer, so it's important to make sure the customer name in ServiceTrade matches your QuickBooks Online customers name exactly before sending an Invoice.

What if I change a Customer's name in ServiceTrade, after the external ID has been synced to QuickBooks Online?

After the customer in ServiceTrade has been given the external ID the integration will use that ID to map moving forward. So even if the name is changed in ServiceTrade it will continue to map to whatever entity is on the QuickBooks Online side with that matching ID.



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