API, Deficiency, and Recurring Invoice Improvements (June 3, 2021)

ServiceTrade Support
ServiceTrade Support
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API Improvements

This release includes the following API changes and improvements:


Deficiency Improvements

All deficiencies identified on jobs subcontracted from another ServiceTrade customer will now have a 'shared deficiency' notification banner (similar to the existing 'shared job' notification banner on jobs). 




The visual indicator provided by this banner can remind the user to follow a different workflow -- for instance, deficiencies found on subcontracted jobs might not be quoted to the end-customer in the usual manner.


Recurring Invoice Improvements

Invoices generated from recurring invoices now make use of the account's default terms and conditions and default payment terms.  For example, if an account's default payment terms are 30 days, then all recurring invoices generated in that account will receive 30 day payment terms, unless the recurring invoice's associated contract specifies different terms.



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