ComputerEase AR Invoice Data Mapping

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Important Note: The ServiceTrade Accounting Connector (STAC) requires a Premium or Enterprise ServiceTrade Subscription and is a paid add-on. Please contact your ServiceTrade Salesperson or your Account Manager if you want to learn more about STAC.


This article covers what comes out of the box with your ComputerEase STAC Connector for AR Invoice data mapping.

Note: Any requests for this STAC Recipe to do anything that is not described below will require additional scoping and potentially additional hours to create a custom STAC.

AR Import Data Mapping Chart

ComputerEase Field Data Type Field Description ServiceTrade Data Mapping
<cusnum> string Valid ComputerEase Customer Number. company_computerease_id
<invnum> string If left blank, ComputerEase assigns the next invoice number. ServiceTrade Invoice Number
<deptnum> string

If your company uses multiple AR departments, this would be the department your company wants for this invoice.

If left blank, it would be the default dept.

Single Entity Mapping (Ex. dept mapped to ServiceTrade Invoice office)
<jobnum> string If your company wants to post revenue to a job.
  • ServiceTrade Job Number
  • job_computerease_id
  • Recurring invoices = Double Entity Mapping
<notes> string  
  • Invoice Notes
  • Job Description
  • Other Single Entity Mapping
<taxnum> string If left blank, the taxnum would default to the taxnum in your company's master file, if any.
  • Mapped by Tax Group Codes
  • Single Entity mapping
<invdate> date Should be left blank during import.
  • created date
  • transaction date
<duedate> date If left blank, ComputerEase would calculate based on the customer terms.

due date

<terms> numeric
  • 1=net xx
  • 2=cod
  • 3=cash
  • 4=none
Mapped by ServiceTrade Payment terms
<pricecode> string 1-6,0=cost Single Entity Mapping
<salesacct> string Income GL account

Double Entity Mapping

Example: Office & Job Type, Job Type & 1st Service Line

<ponum> string PO Number provided by the customer who requested service customerPo
<blurb> string Additional invoice description.
  • Invoice Notes
  • Job Description
  • Other Single Entity Mapping
<description> string Invoice Description Single Entity mapping
<source> string   "ST" - **optional
<salesrepid> string Needs to be valid CE Sales Rep user_computerease_id of ServiceTrade Job Salesperson


Note: Any fields not listed here are currently not supported via the standard Connector. Please inquire with your Account Manager about customization needs so that we can determine whether your request is feasible.



  • Single Entity Mapping: We can tie this to a single ServiceTrade data point.
  • Double Entity Mapping: We can determine this value based on up to two ServiceTrade data points.

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