Sage Intacct Error Log Information

Adam Graetz
Adam Graetz
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This article provides users with information regarding syncing errors with the Sage Intacct accounting integration for ServiceTrade.

Viewing the Error Log Inside of ServiceTrade

The error log gives you the option to resync after the correction has been made or check off that the error was resolved manually.

To view the error log inside of ServiceTrade:

  1. While logged into a ServiceTrade account with Admin permission, click your
    account Avatar (top-right of the screen), then click Account Settings.
  2. Click on the Integration section.
  3. Click on the Intacct Connector.
  4. At the top of the Integration page you will see the error log.

Original Error→ 1 Error


Retries to sync the failed transactions.
 Manually clears the transaction from the Error Log. Note: It doesn’t resync failed


Errors After Retry with Time Stamp

Summary View


Detail View

Example: The following Error was ‘Retried’ 3 times and failed 3 times.


Resolved Error has “Succeeded” Syncing to Sage Intacct


‘Manually’ Cleared Error

Green Check Box = The error has been manually cleared and CAN’T BE RESYNCED.



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