ComputerEase Payroll Data Mapping

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Derek Torres
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Important Note: The ServiceTrade Accounting Connector (STAC) requires a Premium or Enterprise ServiceTrade Subscription and is a paid add-on. Please contact your ServiceTrade Salesperson or your Account Manager if you want to learn more about STAC.


This article covers what comes out of the box with your ComputerEase STAC Connector for payroll data mapping.

Payroll Import Data Mapping Chart

ComputerEase Field Field Description ServiceTrade Data Mapping Labor Item Export Clock Event Export
<emp> * Code that represents your employee. user_computerease_id Productized Productized
<type> *
  • 1=Regular pay
  • 2=Overtime pay
  • 3=Double pay
  • 4=Sick
  • 5=Vacation
  • 6=Holiday
  • 7=Other
  • 8=NonTax
  • 9=Bonus
  • 16=Bill(Reg)
  • 17=Bill(OT)
  • 18=Bill(Double)
  • For labor items - It maps each labor item to a corresponding type. (productized.)
  • For clock events (standard or Timecard based) - a single overtime and a single double-time rule are productized. (Ex. anything over 8 hours in a workday = OT, all Sunday time = DT) If mulitiple rules apply, then it's custom. (Ex. anything over 8 hours in a day = OT, any time over 40 hours/week = OT. all Sunday time = DT, any time over 50 hours/week = DT.)
  • For Timecard-based clock events - if additional Timecard rows are used - this is custom.
Productized Custom

Used only in conjunction with types 2 (Overtime) & 3 (Double) above

From your business rules.

Note: If not provided, overtime will be 1.5x and double will be 2x

Productized Productized
<class> Employee work class/

From your business rules. Single entity mapping.

Productized Productized
<job> Job code   Custom Custom
<phase> Phase code (if applicable)   Custom Custom
<cat> Category code (if applicable)


Custom Custom
<department> Department code; employee expense accounts for payroll will come from the department.

From your business rules. If not provided, will be empty. Single entity mapping

Productized Productized

Referred to as "work location"

  • 1=Job
  • 2=Shop
  • 3=Travel
Single entity mapping Productized Productized
<unionloc> Local of the union the employee is working in (if union employee.) parsed from user_computerease_id (Ex. "CEEMPNUMBER|UNIONINFO") Custom Custom
<hours> * Hours worked. From the labor job item quantity or the clock event duration. Productized Productized
<date> Date work was performed. From the labor job item used on date or the clock event date. Productized Productized
<des1> Description of work done. Single entity mapping Productized Productized
<des2>  Description of work done. Single entity mapping Productized Productized
<state> State where work was performed. From the job’s location record in ServiceTrade. Productized Productized
<local> Local taxing authority where work was performed. Single entity mapping Custom Custom
<costcode> This is the same as job, phase and category above with the exception that they are all together in one field.   Custom Custom
<account> GL expense account only if type is 7 (Other) or 8 (NonTax); otherwise GL expense account defaults from the department. From your business rules. If not provided, will default from the department. Productized Productized


Note: Any fields not listed here are currently not supported via the standard Connector. Please inquire with your Account Manager about customization needs so that we can determine whether your request is feasible.



  • Single Entity Mapping: We can tie this to a single ServiceTrade data point.
  • Double Entity Mapping: We can determine this value based on up to two ServiceTrade data points.
  • Productized: Included in the base price of the services estimate and subscription fee.
  • Custom: Will impact time and materials fees for implementation services.

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