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Derek Torres
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When a mobile device does not have an internet connection or the API fails to establish a successful call the ServiceTrade Mobile App will continue to operate in Offline Mode and will automatically re-attempt at a later point.

The following article will specify exactly which features on the Mobile App work in Offline Mode and how those features are supposed to function in this mode. It will also explain what happens to the data entered in Offline Mode when the mobile device reconnects to the internet.


Offline Mode Features

In Offline Mode, you can search, filter, and sort Appointments in the Appointment List.

The Mobile App also supports creating, editing, and deleting the following entities seen below in Offline Mode.

On iOS and on Android there will be a refresh signal 🔄 to signify that those changes are currently being stored on the Mobile App.

Once the mobile device has reconnected to the internet the items will sync to ServiceTrade, and the  refresh signal will disappear.

There will be a red triangle 🔺 when an item is having an issue syncing with ServiceTrade.

IMPORTANT: Do not close the Mobile App until you have re-established an internet connection. Doing so could cause you to lose saved data.

  • Deficiency
  • Comments
  • Attachments
  • Contacts
  • Job items
  • Invoice
  • Work Acknowledgments
  • Assets

Clocking In and Out

In Offline Mode, you can Clock in and out. There will not be a resync icon. Once the mobile device has reconnected to the internet, the clock events will sync to ServiceTrade.


Review Unsynced Items on iOS

On the iOS version of that Mobile App, you can review all unsynced items by navigating to the Preferences Menu.

If you are in Offline Mode and have an entity(s) with a refresh signal, you can access the Review Unsynced Menu.

  1. On iOS at the bottom the Mobile App, tap Preferences.
  2. Then tap Review Unsynced Items.
  3. The Review Unsynced Items menu will display all entities that will sync when your device reconnects to the internet.

Red Triangle Warning

In the Service Trade Mobile App on iOS, Red Triangles appear beside entities of any kind if that entity has yet to be successfully synced to ServiceTrade.


You can see which specific entities are causing the issue by tapping on the relevant Tile Menu, which will open that entity's page:


Common causes of syncing issues include:

  • Poor or interrupted data connection.
  • Closing the app during an upload.
  • Adding many entities at once while others are uploading.


Should a Red Triangle appear beside an item, tapping the triangle prompts the app to attempt to resync the affected attachment. This is most effective on a solid wifi connection.

If successful, the red triangle will disappear.

If the above troubleshooting is unsuccessful, reach out to ServiceTrade support. at



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