Creating and Managing Attachments in the Mobile App

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This article will walk Technicians through the process of creating and managing attachments on a Job Appointment in the ServiceTrade Mobile App for iOS.

Important Note: The maximum per-file size for any attachment file is 99 MB. 

Creating Attachments

  1. In the Mobile App, navigate to the Job Appointment you wish to add an attachment to.
  2. Tap on the Attachments Tile to open the attachments page.
  3. On the Attachments page, tap the Add Attachments button.
  4. Select which type of attachment media you would like to upload from the menu that appears.
  5. On the Attachment Preview page, tap the Attachment Purpose button and select the purpose of the attachment from the list that appears.
  6. Tap the Attachment For button and select if the attachment should be for a Job or a Service. This option defaults to the Job.
  7. Tap the Visible to Customer toggle if you would like for this attachment to appear on customer communications regarding this Job Appointment.
  8. Tap the Description text and type in a description for the attachment.
  9. Finally, tap the Upload button to upload the file from your device and onto the Job Appointment in ServiceTrade.

The uploaded attachment will now appear on your Attachments page, along with a date and timestamp of when it was uploaded, the name of the Technician who uploaded it, and the description of the attachment.

Note: If you have any issues uploading an attachment due to internet connectivity issues, please read our article about Offline Mode in the Mobile App.


Video Walkthrough

This video details the process of adding attachments to a Job Appointment via the ServiceTrade Mobile App for iOS.


Viewing Attachments

In the Attachments Menu, the navigation tab allows your technicians to quickly view and select Attachments that are visible by Job, Service, or All.

  • The Job tab displays Attachments that are specific to the Appointment's Job your tech is viewing.
  • The Service tab displays Attachments that are associated with a Service on the Appointment.
  • The All tab displays all Attachments included on the Job.



Attachments Search Filters

The Attachments Search Filter allows your techs to locate a specific attachment, which can be helpful for bigger Jobs, with a large number of attachments. They can use multiple parameters to filter and search such as: Attachment Purpose, File Type, Uploaded by, and Uploaded Date Range.


Using the Filter

  1. From the Attachments page, tap the Filters button to open the Attachments Filters Menu.
  2. Tap the Attachment PurposeFile TypeUploaded By, or Uploaded Date Range buttons to open their filter parameter menus. On each menu, you can select parameters to filter by.
  3. Once complete, click Done. You can continue to click through the menus and select more Filters to hone your search. If you need to clear your filters click Clear All.

Below we list what parameters are available in each menu:
Note: Next to each parameter, the number of that attachment type will be listed in parentheses.

  • The Attachment Purpose menu allows you to select Attachments that are for: Attachment, Job Invoice, Job Paperwork, Job Vendor Bill, and/or Sign Attachment.
  • The Attachment File Type menu allows you to select Attachments that are either: Images, Audio Files, Documents, Files, and/or Video Files.
  • The Uploaded By menu allows you to select Attachments that were uploaded by your techs. It lists all of your techs but lists them in order of relevance by the number of attachments the techs have uploaded to this Appointment.
  • The Uploaded Date Range menu allows techs to set a filter date range for when the Attachments were uploaded.



Once your tech has set all of their filter parameters, they can tap Search Attachment to set the filter.

The red circle icon on the Filters button indicates that a filter search is on and the number represents how many filter types are being used in the search.


Turn off the filter search:

  1. Tap Filters and then tap Clear All.
  2. Tap Search Attachments.


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