New Permission to Create Custom Contact Types and Contact Type Search Field (June 21st, 2023)

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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Today's release sees the following additions to the ServiceTrade Web App:

  • The ability to grant the activity permission 'Edit Contact Types' to a User Role, which allows users to edit and create custom contact types.
  • The default Account Admin role has been granted the new 'Edit Contact Types' activity.
  • A new Contact Type search field on the Contacts List Page.


New Activity to Create Custom Contact Types

There is new role activity called 'Edit Contact Types' that can be added to custom roles that, when granted to users, will allow them to create Custom Contact Types.


This new role activity has been automatically granted to your account's default Account Admin role.

Note: Before this release, any user with a Create, Edit or Admin Contact activity granted could create a custom contact type. They will no longer be able to and must be granted the 'Edit Contact Types' activity.

Video Walkthrough - Creating a Custom Role

The following video will walk you through best practices for creating a custom role for your staff and granting them access to create custom contact types:


New Contact Type Search Field

On the Contacts List Page there is a new drop-down field called Types that allows you to search contacts based on contact types.

  1. On the Navigation Bar hover over Customers.
  2. Then click Contacts.
  3. On the Types drop-down field, enter in the contact type name.
  4. Select the contact type(s) from drop-down below. You can select multiples types.
  5. Click Search when done.



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