Bulk Send Invoice and Quotes to Custom Contact Types (July, 6th 2023)

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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Today's release sees the following additions to the ServiceTrade Web App:

  • Bulk Send Invoices to Custom and multiple Contact Types.
  • Bulk Send Quotes to Custom and multiple Contact Types.

Using the ServiceTrade Bulk Messaging, you can now use the recent addition Custom Contact Type to send Bulk Messaging on Invoices and Quotes. You can now also send bulk messages on invoices and quotes to multiple contact types in one action.


Bulk Send Invoice and Quotes to Custom and Multiple Contact Types

The steps to bulk send invoices and quotes to custom and multiple contact types are identical. Follow the steps below to use this new feature.

  1. Navigate to the Quotes or Invoices Search List pages.
  2. Fill in the desired criteria you wish to use in the Search Fields.
  3. Then click Search
  4. Click the checkbox above the list to select all of your results. If you have results you don't want to use, you can click the checkbox within the individual rows to remove them from your intended recipient's list.
  5. Click the Gear Icon.
  6. Then click the Send to Customer button.
  7. In the new window that appears, use the Send to Contacts drop-down and select Other / Multiple Types.
  8. The menu below will allow you to search and select Custom Contact Types and our Standard Contact Types.
  9. You can repeat this as often as you need to select multiple contact types.
  10. Click Save when done.

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