On-Break Clock Event (iOS/Android 5.3)

Alex McGinnis
Alex McGinnis
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What's Included?

A new On-Break Clock Event type has been added for technicians to track their time in the field more accurately. There is also a new look and feel for the mobile login screen.

On-Break Clock Event

In the Mobile App, technicians are now presented with a new fourth clock event type that they can use to indicate if they are taking a break during work on a job.

Video Walkthrough

Use this video to train your technicians on the new On-Break Clock Event.



Technicians can initiate the On-Break Clock event from anywhere within their workflow:

  • If clocked into an On-Site clock event, the Mobile App will show a bottom-sheet menu asking the technician to select a ClockOut Option: "I'm Done with this Appointment" or "Taking a Break."

    • If "Taking a Break" is selected, ServiceTrade stops the On-Site clock timer and starts the On-Break clock timer. When the technician clocks back into On-Site after their break, ServiceTrade stops the On-Break clock timer and resumes the On-Site clock timer.

  • If not clocked into any clock event, technicians will use the clock event slider to clock into On-Break and start their break.

  • If clocked into an En-Route or Job Preparation clock event, technicians must clock out first to clock into On-Break using the clock event slider.

How On-Break Clock Events Appear in ServiceTrade Web Application

On-Break Clock events appear alongside other clock events on the job page Clock Events section within the ServiceTrade Web Application. They are identified with a person + arrow icon, as seen below:


You can add and edit this new clock event on the Job Page if you have the correct permissions. Click here to learn more about Creating and Managing Clock Events.


Note: If you experience any issues with other products like STAC, Service Timecard, or InspectionManager due to this new clock event type, contact our Customer Support Team.

If you are a ServiceForms customer and this clock event is causing multiple dispatches, please refer to this article on Preventing Multiple Dispatches.

If you are a STAC customer, we have thoroughly tested all STAC recipes that use clock events and they will not be affected by the new clock event. However, contact your Account Manager if you want this clock event included in your STAC.


New Login Screen

There is a new visual update to the login screen on the Mobile App, in preparation for Single Sign-On coming later this year. You can see what it looks like below. The login process for techs is the same at this time.


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