Project Management and Tables on Quotes and Jobs (July 19th, 2023)

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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Today's release sees the following additions to the ServiceTrade Web App:

  • ServiceTrade's Project Management Suite of Tools is now available to all Premium and Enterprise Subscription Level Customers.
  • Tables are now available to be added to a Quote or Job Description.
  • The Clock-Out Checklist Workflow has been automatically disabled in all accounts to avoid Technician Mobile App Workflow disruptions.

Project Management Suite of Tools

ServiceTrade's Project Management Suite of Tools is now available to all Premium and Enterprise Subscription Level Customers. It will automatically be available to all Account Admins. If you would like additional users to have access these new tools, your Account Admin will need to assign them new permissions.

If you'd like to upgrade to access these new features, please contact your ServiceTrade Account Manager.

What is Project Management?

A new Job Mode called Projects allows you to create a Budget, create Change Orders, and track a Project's Performance when enabled on a Job.

This will help you and your team stay on budget, manage financial and operational progress all in one platform, report on your Project's Performance down to the schedule of values, catch issues and eliminate disputes before they become cost overruns.

How Do I Use Project Management?

To help you and your staff learn Project Management, ServiceTrade has put together a Help Center Section for Project Management that includes the following videos and articles:

Tables are Now Available on Quote and Job Descriptions

Tables can now be added to Quote or Job Descriptions to help organize information.

  1. Follow the normal steps in Creating and Managing Quotes or Creating and Managing Jobs.
  2. While editing the Quote or Job Description, click the Insert Table Icon.
  3. Select the Table Dimensions.
  4. Enter info into the tables.
  5. Click Save when done.


Note: This will be visible in Print Mode, PDF Downloads, Quote Links, and Service Links. Depending on your customer's email service, the tables may not be formatted the same for them as your edited version in ServiceTrade. We recommend you send yourself the quote or job link to test how your tables look before sending them to a customer. 


Technician App Preferences Clockout Checklist Workflow

The upcoming Mobile Release 5.2 will see the addition of a Clockout Checklist Workflow. To avoid any disruptions with your technician's Mobile App workflows, we have automatically disabled this setting in all user's accounts.

Please read the following article to learn about this new feature, how to prepare your Technicians for any changes, and how to enable the setting.



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