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This article is for frequently asked questions related to our Project Management feature.

Can I subcontract work on a Project?

No, not at this time.

Does Project Management support Progress Billing, Unitary, or AIA Billing?

No, not at this time.

Can I have multiple Change Orders out at once for a Project?

No, not at this time.

Does Project Management have Project Tasking?

There is currently no specific feature designed for the office staff to keep track of specific tasks that need to be completed before another phase of the project can start (examples: design approval, inspection, code approval, etc.)

However, you can create services on the project for these specific tasks. You can then assign a Placeholder Technician Role to your office staff so you can schedule appointments for those services and assign office staff to the appointment.

When the task is complete, the office staff can mark the service as complete and leave an office-level comment as they complete work.

Can I print or export a Budget?

There is no built-in print or export function on Budgets. However, you can right-click on the Budget's page and use your desktop's "Print" function to print a PDF of the webpage with the budget.

If you need to share a budget internally but don't want to give certain staff the ability to edit/modify the budget. You can give them the View Budget activity on a custom Role. Read this article for more information: How to Access Project Management Features.

Why does the Budget not have a Tax column?

Budgets do not have a tax column because tax is not a part of your cost or expected revenue. When you create a Project and Budget from an Approved Quote, the budget's Overall Value will initially match your quote's subtotal because tax is not included in revenue.

Because of this, you may Invoice slightly more than what is listed on your Project's Expected Revenue on the Performance Page because you may include taxes on your invoices, and the Total Invoiced column on the Performance Page includes taxes in its values and represent the Invoices' Grand Totals.

Do Tech Clock Events feed into the Labor Section of the Performance Page?

Clock Events do not feed into Performance in any way. Techs will need to either add labor items via the tech app (which will automatically apply a used-on date) or the office will need to use the tech's clock event history to add labor items with used-on dates when reviewing a Project.

Do parts ordered on 'Direct Purchase for Sales Order' Purchase Orders sync to Projects?

Yes, you will follow the normal steps of Linking Purchase Order Items to ServiceTrade Job Items.

  • Like a normal ServiceTrade Job, the parts will appear on the project as Job Items.
  • If the parts have not been fulfilled, the cost of the parts will be reflected on the Total Committed column of the performance page.
  • However, the items will automatically be added to the 'No Service' service. So if you use Group by Service on the Project to track which parts belong to which service, a technician or someone in the office must change the part's service association to the appropriate service.
  • Once the parts have been received, their cost will move out of the Total Committed column on the Performance Page. However, their cost will not automatically be moved to the Total Incurred column. A technician or office user will need to give the parts a used on date on the Project for the cost to reflect on the Total Incurred column.

Is there a way to view Performance or run reports across all of your Projects at one time?

No, not at this time.

While this can't be done in the ServiceTrade app at this time, there are many project management resources in our Data Warehouse that you can use to build out custom reporting in your preferred BI tool

Note: Access to the ServiceTrade Data Warehouse is only available to ServiceTrade Enterprise customers. If you want to upgrade or learn more, you can contact or your Account Manager.

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