Accessing My ServiceTrade Demo (Training) Account

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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ServiceTrade provides all customers with both a Production Account and a Demo Account.

  • The Production Account is where you perform your day-to-day work for your customers and should only be used for that purpose.
    • Testing and training in this account can create bad and duplicative data, affecting your workflows and reporting.
  • The Demo Account is where you can train, test, and experiment.
    • The Demo Account has unique credentials.
    • We recommend using your demo account when taking your ServiceTrade Certifications.
    • We also recommend you use your demo account to test Importing Data before you import into your Production Account.
    • If you want to try new workflows or features, we recommend trying them out first in your demo account.
    • Demo Accounts are identified by the "Demo" underneath the ServiceTrade Logo on the Navigation Bar.
      Demo Account.png

Note: ServiceTrade holds security in the highest regard and assures its users that we will never request their login credentials. Your trust and data security are our top priorities.

How Do I Find My Demo Account Credentials?

If you are currently Onboarding with ServiceTrade, you will have been given your Demo Login credential via the Journey Dashboard.

  1. Login into the Journey Dashboard.
    • If you don't have your Journey Dashboard login, please contact your ServiceTrade Project Manager.
  2. On the main Dashboard, under either Current or Completed Tasks, you should see a task called "Access your DEMO Account"
    Demo Journey Task.png
  3. Your Username and Password will be listed on the task.
  4. If you click the Box with the Arrow on the top right, this will take you to
  5. Enter your Username and Password and login.
  6. Verify that this is a Demo Account.
    • Demo Accounts are identified by the "Demo" underneath the ServiceTrade Logo on the Navigation Bar.
      Demo Account.png

If you are not Onboarding with ServiceTrade, contact Customer Support.

If you are not a System Admin at your Company, contact your System Admin and see if they have Demo Login Credentials for you.

If you are a System Admin and cannot remember your login credentials, please contact ServiceTrade Customer Support. After verification, they can send you a Forgot Username email.


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