The New Dispatch Board

Alex McGinnis
Alex McGinnis

Important Note: The New Dispatch Board is currently in Open Beta and is only accessible by request at this time. Please contact your Account Manager if you have questions or want this feature turned on in your account.

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The New Dispatch Board overhaul in the ServiceTrade Web Application introduces many new highly-requested features and a completely revamped user interface that streamlines the user experience. It was designed based on input from ServiceTrade customers and aims to help dispatchers and schedulers manage technicians, and service calls more efficiently.


What's New?

We've updated our Dispatch Board UI for a faster, modern, and more user-friendly experience to surface the most relevant information quickly. The Dispatch Board is the first to get this new look, and you'll see this new modern design rolled out across the entire ServiceTrade platform over time.

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The Queue

The New Dispatch Board contains a new staging area at the top of the page, called the Queue, where dispatchers can gather a batch of jobs they or other dispatchers in their office intend to schedule during their work day.

Note: There is a queue for each office in your account, and each queue is shared across users in your company's ServiceTrade company account so that you can coordinate and plan which jobs need to be dispatched across team members.

Real-Time Updating

No more refreshing required! All appointments and clock events in the New Dispatch Board are updated in real-time without the need to refresh the browser window.

Enhanced Available Job Filtering

The New Dispatch Board features advanced filtering and search across all dispatch board views and data for faster technician assignment and scheduling.

Week and Month View

The New Dispatch Board features a new Week and Month view, enabling dispatchers to see larger time periods to optimize technicians' schedules more efficiently and see a more bird's eye view of the week and month ahead.


Unassigned Swim Lane

The Unassigned swim lane is a place to put appointments that already have a specific time and location but have not yet been assigned to a specific technician.

Revamped Settings Panel

The new settings panel allows you to enable and disable specific offices within your dispatch view, which may improve the performance of the dispatch board. You can also now enable and disable tech clock event activity visibility within the dispatch board.


Time Zone Selector

You can now select the specific timezone you are working in within the New Dispatch Board. The timezone will default to the user's computer or device timezone setting.


Tech Profile & Dispatch Note

You can now view and edit a technician's profile within the New Dispatch Board. Additionally, you can set a technician dispatch note that can denote any specifics about the work a technician is specifically suited for. On the technician's profile, you can change their office assignment, edit their technician dispatch note, and assign a specific color to them.

You can view a technician's dispatch note by hovering over the comment bubble on a technician's circle avatar image on their swim lane. 

Note: The dispatch note is separate from the "User Details" field for a specific user's account.



Set Technician Away Periods

The new Set Away Periods feature gives you the ability to manage when your techs should not be scheduled. When set the tech's swim lane appears grey for the duration of the away period. This indicates to the Dispatcher that appointments should not be scheduled for the tech during that marked time frame.


Clicking on the tech settings and then Set Away Period allows you to set an away period for a tech.

Away Periods.gif

You can also manage multiple away periods for a tech. Once an away period has been set, the tech setting option will change to Manage Away Period(s). Clicking this will show you all away periods for this tech and allow you to edit, delete, or add additional away periods.
Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 4.49.15 PM.png

Tech Dispatch Note

Frequently Asked Questions

Will jobs that are completed still appear on the Dispatch Board?

Yes, completed jobs will remain on the dispatch board, providing you with a rich history of what work has been completed and by whom.


When I clear all filters for available jobs, it reverts back to selecting a specific office. Why is that?

When clearing all filters for available jobs, the filter defaults back to the Office that your specific user account is assigned to.


What happens when I drag an available job onto a day within the month view?

When an appointment is dragged onto a day within the month calendar view in the New Dispatch Board, it will automatically fall into the Unassigned swim lane for you to assign a tech.

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    Derek Torres

    We added an addition to this release note to include the Set Away Period feature for technicians. This is a great tool that helps prevent your dispatchers from scheduling techs when you know they will be away.


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