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Adam Graetz
Adam Graetz
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ServiceTrade has developed an integration between ServiceTrade and ServiceChannel. This is hosted, managed, and supported by ServiceTrade. The integration transfers information between ServiceChannel and ServiceTrade utilizing webhooks from both systems.

This integration is not included in any subscription and has an additional setup cost and annual subscription.

Please contact your account manager for more information.


Included Functionality

  • ServiceChannel work orders with a specific status automatically create ServiceTrade companies, locations, and jobs that do not already exist.
  • Auto acceptance of ServiceChannel work orders with a specified status.
  • ServiceTrade canceled and completed status can be synced to ServiceChannel and vice-versa.
  • Primary ServiceTrade appointment changes will update the ServiceChannel scheduled date.
  • Public job comments sync from ServiceTrade to ServiceChannel.
  • Clock events sync from ServiceTrade to ServiceChannel check-in.
  • Job summary PDF can be automatically or manually uploaded to ServiceChannel work order.
  • Proposals created in ServiceChannel will create a quote in ServiceTrade.
    • Upon proposal approval, invoices can be sent from ServiceTrade to ServiceChannel with the use of the ServiceTrade Chrome Extender.
  • Features listed above, except company, location, and job creation functionality, are optional and can be turned off if not desired.
  • Implementation includes setting up the mapping between ServiceChannel and ServiceTrade elements, such as trade/service line and category/job type.


ServiceChannel Sync Direction ServiceTrade Entity
Work Order ← →  Job
Work Order Appointment
Subscriber Company
Location →  Location
Work Order Check-In Clock Event
Work Order Check Out Clock Event
Note Job Comment
Proposal Quote
Invoice Invoice


Additional Functionality

Features not already existing can be quoted and developed by the Customer Solutions team for an additional cost.



  • A ServiceTrade Premium or Enterprise Subscription.
  • Access will be provided to the ServiceTrade Chrome Extender specifically for ServiceChannel. No additional Extender features are included.
  • Additional setup and subscription fees are required by ServiceChannel for any integration.
  • ServiceChannel has a checklist to be filled out by each customer granting permission with what functionality they will permit. See their support article for the Contractor Request Form for Web Service Integration.

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