Photo and Video Attachment Storage Enhancements (Android 5.4.1)

Adam Graetz
Adam Graetz
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What's Included?

This update enhances how the Android Mobile Application handles photos and videos taken in the Mobile App. When "Sync photo and video attachments to this device" is enabled, photo and video attachments captured in the ServiceTrade application are now synced to the device's photo library and are stored directly on the device.

IMPORTANT: This feature is defaulted to off for Android users. It can be turned on under the Preferences page via the toggle that states, "Sync photo and video attachments to this device."

For more information about fixes and improvements with this release, check out "What's New" on our Mobile App page in the Google Play store.

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What do I do when my photo library gets full?

Currently, users will need to go in and manually delete any photos or videos they no longer need on their device.


Where can I find the media stored on my device from the ServiceTrade App?

ServiceTrade photo and video attachments can be located within your device's native photo library. 


What happens to existing photos or videos from my photo library that upload to job appointments in ServiceTrade?

Existing photos and videos from your library that are uploaded to ServiceTrade job appointments as attachments will not be deleted by the ServiceTrade app.



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