Attachment Sync Toggle and General Enhancements (iOS 6.1.0)

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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What's Included?

This 6.1.0 iOS release sees updates and enhancements to the ServiceTrade iOS Mobile App:

  • Attachment sync to the photo library can be toggled on or off.

  • Respect the sales tax group assigned by location.

  • Update to primary location and job contact logic.

Synced Media (Attachments) Toggle

With the release of iOS 5.4.2, we introduced a Synced Items Bin and the ability to Clear Synced Media. The update addressed unsynced photos and videos when uploaded to job appointments. With that release, technicians can now access unsynced and synced photo and video attachments, as they are stored in a photo album on the device.

After that release, we got feedback that some users would like the option to disable that new feature. With the release of iOS 6.1.0, technicians can now toggle this synced media feature on or off.



Enabling or Disabling to Synced Media (Attachments) Toggle

  1. On the latest iOS version of the ServiceTrade Mobile App, tap Preference.
  2. Tap to toggle on (green) or off (gray) the Back up photos & videos to this device.
    • Enabled - This will enable the Synced Items Bin features. This will also enable the Clear Synced Media button. To learn more about these features, click here.
    • Disabled - This will disable the Synced Items Bin features. This will also remove the Clear Synced Media button.

Primary Job and Location Contact Enhancement

In the ServiceTrade Office Web App, you can set a Location Primary Contact and Job Primary Contact. See below:

Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 10.14.55 AM.png

  • With this release, if a Job Primary Contact is created for a Job, and the technician is on that Job Appointment, the Job's Primary Contact will be the Primary Contact on the appointment.
  • Also, the Location's phone and email will be listed by its location name rather than "Location Contact":


The old behavior: the Location Primary Contact was always the default Primary Contact before this update. See below:


Location Tax Groups when Generating an Invoice

Before this release, when you went to generate an invoice in the mobile app, you could select from sales tax groups assigned by zip code or select the custom other option. See below:


Recently, we introduced assignable Location Tax Groups for service locations in the ServiceTrade Office Web App. This is useful in Jurisdictions such as Washington and Louisiana, where tax rates are not always determined by Zip Code alone.


With this release, if you have a Location Tax Group assigned to a service location (see above), when you generate an invoice in the Mobile App, the only sales tax options will be the selected Location Tax Group and the Other option. See below:


Note: If no Location Tax Group is assigned, it will default to sales tax groups determined by zip code.

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