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ServiceTrade provides several methods for creating Jobs. Jobs can be created from the Dispatch Board and Schedule, Service Opportunities page, Quotes, Deficiencies, and the Location page.

This article provides resources on the various ways you can create Jobs in ServiceTrade.

Creating Jobs from the Dispatch Board and Schedule

Dispatchers and Schedulers create new jobs by clicking the Add Job button from the Dispatch or Schedule page. To learn more, review our Scheduling Jobs with Dispatch and Schedule support article.

Creating Jobs from the Service Opportunities Page

The Service Opportunities tool is a bulk job creator and should be the primary way to create jobs from your recurring services. To learn more, review our Using Service Opportunities to Bulk Create Jobs or Cancel Services support article.

Creating Jobs from a Quote

Jobs can be created from approved quotes. To learn more, review our Creating Jobs from Approved Quotes support article.

Note: Your quote needs to have a service, when you create a job from a quote. The service is what ties the quote to the job. If you do not have a service on the quote the job you create will not be associated to the quote.

Creating Jobs from a Deficiency

If a quote is not needed to approve work, it can be useful to add deficiencies to new or existing jobs when technicians find deficiencies while working on a job and additional repairs need to be done. To learn more, review our Creating and Managing Deficiencies support article.

Creating Jobs from the Location Page

  1. From the desired Location page, click the Add a Job button in the action menu on the right-hand side of the page.
  2. A new window will appear, allowing you to enter information about the new job. This includes Service Vendor, Service Due Date, Job Type, Contract, and existing services on the location that can be added to the job.
  3. Once you have filled in the desired information (fields marked with a red asterisk are required), click the Create Job button to add the job to the location.
  4. This will open the recently created Job, which is then able to be edited as needed.

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