The Asset Swap Tool and Changing Usernames (April 3rd, 2024)

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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Today's release sees the following addition to the ServiceTrade Web App:

  • The Asset Swap Tool
  • The Ability to Change Usernames

The Asset Swap Tool

There may have been times when you want to change an asset's type from one type to another. Maybe there is a Preaction System that actually needs to be a Wet Sprinkler, or maybe you have an A/C Unit that needs to be a Rooftop Unit.

With the new Asset Swap Tool, it is now possible to change an asset's type without losing service, quote, and deficiency history!

Important Note: You must be an Account Admin to use the Asset Swap Tool.

How does it work?

All you have to do is navigate to the asset you want to swap and click the Change Asset Type button under the Act on this Asset Menu.
Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 5.10.42 PM.png

Doing so will open the Convert Asset Type Menu that allows you to select the asset type you want to convert this asset to. You can also select and change the destination fields. This is useful because not all assets have the same field types. Watch the video on how to use this tool below.

Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 5.17.28 PM.png

Important Note: We recommend you export your asset list for your records before using this tool because once an asset is swapped, it cannot be undone.

Asset Swap Tool Video Tutorial


The Ability to Change Usernames

Account Admins now have the ability to change usernames.

New username.gif

  1. On the Navigation Bar, hover over My Account.
  2. Then click Users.
  3. Click to select the User.
  4. Click the Change Username button.
  5. Enter the new username in the New Username field.
    • Important Note: Usernames must be unique across all ServiceTrade Accounts.
  6. Click Save when done.

Asset Swap Tool FAQs

Why can I not use the Asset Swap Tool?

If the Change Asset Type button is greyed out it means that this particular asset has an active tasking list and cannot be swapped. Tasking is a feature currently in early testing that is not available to most users at this time.

Can you change a parent asset's type without affecting the parent-child relationship?

Yes, you can change a parent asset's asset type, and it will maintain the child subasset relationship.

If I change an asset's type, will that remove it from any services?

No, the asset ID will remain the same, and the asset will remain on the service.

Why am I not seeing all available destination fields in the Asset Swap Tool drop-down menus?

The destination field drop-down will only show fields of the same type as the origin field. 

Example: In the example below, we want to swap a dry sprinkler for a wet sprinkler. You see that we have an origin field, Last Inspection Date, for a Dry Sprinkler. When we open the destination field drop-down menu, we only see date fields that are available for a Wet Sprinkler. That is because the destination field must be the same type as the origin field. In this case, the origin field is a date field type.



What does the error "You have already used this field" indicate?

If you see this error, it means you have selected the same destination field that has already been used for another destination field. The Confirm and Covert button will be greyed out, and you will not be able to convert this asset until the issue has been resolved.

Example: In the example below, you see that I have selected the Head Qty field twice as a destination field, so I am receiving the error for both fields. To resolve this error, I would need to select a unique field for one of these destination fields.



What if I want to combine info in different fields into one?

You may have multiple origin fields that don't have relevant destination fields to match to, or you may want to combine multiple fields into one. If the original asset has a Notes field, we recommend you first make sure a value has been entered in the Notes field so you can use it in the swap tool. Copy any of the info from the origin fields you want to combine and enter it into the destination Notes field. If there is no Notes field, you can use any field that is a "string" type. See image below:

Swap Gif.gif


I can't enter certain values into a destination field?

Sometimes, when attempting to edit a destination field's content, you may find you can't type certain values. This is likely caused, because the destination field has some restrictions. For example, you may have an integer-only field, and you want to add letters, this action cannot be done.


I made a mistake and want to change my asset back to its original type and recover any fields that were changed or lost.

Though you can use the Asset Swap Tool to swap the asset back to the original type, this will not recover any fields that were changed or lost. Because of this, we strongly recommend you export your asset list for your records before using this tool because once an asset is swapped, it cannot be undone.

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