Clearer Visibility of What Your Customers can View on a Job (iOS 6.1.1)

Alex McGinnis
Alex McGinnis
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What's Included?

This 6.1.1 iOS release sees a new Not Visible to Customers icon added to the ServiceTrade iOS Mobile App.


Not Visible to Customer Icon

At times, it's necessary to hide certain job information from customers. Now when you switch the Visible to Customer toggle off, a hidden eye icon appears in the mobile app. This can help technicians easily see what is visible and what is hidden from customers. The following information can be hidden on a job: services, comments, deficiencies, attachments, paperwork, and job items.

Below is an example of how to hide a service on a job.

  1. On a Job Appointment Page, tap the Services Tile.
  2. From the list of Services, select the relevant ServiceĀ to view its Service Details.
  3. Tap the Visible To Customer toggle to toggle it off.
  4. Tap Save.

The hidden visibility icon now appears on the service.

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