Using the Date Picker in PartsManager

Alex McGinnis
Alex McGinnis
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Important Note: PartsLedger is now PartsManager. PartsManager retains all of the parts purchasing and warehouse management automation benefits of its predecessor. To read more about this exciting change, click here.


This article will define for PartsManager, formerly known as PartsLedger, users the function of the System Date Picker.

The Date Picker

The Date Picker controls the context of the system. Clicking the calendar icon will allow you to pick different dates to use as the system's date context. It defaults to today's date but can be changed. We highly recommend it be left on today's date.


You can also click on the Month and Date (e.g. March 2024) to adjust the year more quickly.


Important Note: Changing the date back to today's date after changing the date picker is important, as changing it can change the information being showcased in different sections of the app.

System Effects

Table and List Data

The System Date Picker will limit the data shown by setting the context of reports to use this date. For Example, if you select 12/21/2023 as the date for the Trial Balance report with a 3-month view in place, the report will use October, November, and December 2023 as the column headers in the table.

Document Creation

When you create a document of any kind your user interface will use the data in the System Date Picker as the default date. This is why it is important to leave it on today's date, unless you have a very specific need to change the date.


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